ASUS PB258Q Review

ASUS PB258Q Review, What is a Frameless Monitor?

Welcome to my ASUS PB258Q Review. Today’s topic is going to bring up a bit different type of discussion then I am normally used to. Typically I am chatting about gaming PC’s and other gear related to gaming. While you can certainly game on this monitor it really shines in other areas. So sit back, grab your favorite cup of joe, […]

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ASUS VS248H P 24 Inch Full HD LED Lit LCD Monitor

ASUS VS248H P Review, Gaming Monitor Mania!

It has become impossible to ignore this piece of tech mainly because of its HUGE popularity. I am going to review the 24″ ASUS VS248H P in all of its glory. This monitor isn’t the most most expensive with the most bells and whistles so what exactly makes it so special and why does it work so well for so […]

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Best gaming monitor under $200

Best Gaming Monitor Under $200, Which Will You Choose?

In this article I am going to be showing you the best gaming monitor under $200. Any of the monitors on this list would make great gaming and/or general purpose monitors. However I will crown one winner that would certainly be a piece of hardware you would be proud to have sitting on your desk. While sticking to the budget […]

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Best gaming monitor for under $300

Best Gaming Monitor Under $300, Three Great Choices

  If you are a serious gamer then you want to make sure you are making the right choice with your gear purchases. What is the best gaming monitor under $300? That is precisely the question I hope to answer below in this article today. Screen size, resolution, refresh rate, response time and many other factors can play a part in […]

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Best Gaming PC Build Under $700

Best $700 Dollar Budget Gaming PC Build, Mighty Power

  With your computer you want top performance for your dollar. Keeping that in mind I have curated what I believe to be the best under $700 budget gaming PC build. I have spent a ton of time making sure to put together a list of parts that are compatible, good quality and provide an awesome bang for buck. The main theme […]

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ASUS VS228H P 21.5 Inch Gaming Monitor

ASUS VS228H P Review, 21.5-Inch Computer Monitor

In this ASUS VS228H P review i’d like to spotlight a piece of hardware that is more then deserving of the high accolades and customer rating scores. We are talking about hard hitting, inexpensive and getting the most out of your hard earned dollar. Are you looking for a general purpose monitor? A gaming monitor? Or maybe just a backup to keep around […]

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gaming pc under 500 dollars

Best Budget Gaming PC Under $500, This Cheap Build Is On Steroids

  I am excited to show you guys how to make the best budget gaming PC build under $500. I also know how it is when you are on a tight budget so we will be looking into some cheap parts making sure to stay on target. If you are just into buying good pre-built gaming computers I will show you some of […]

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inexpensive gaming computer

Best Budget Gaming PC Build Under $600 Dollars, Inexpensive Powerful Computer 2016

  Once again I’m looking to put together a nice guide to help you build an inexpensive gaming computer. But the BIG question is… can we get a good budget gaming pc under 600 dollars still in 2016? Now that we have our quest lets get a game plan together. For a build like this plan to get the best graphics […]

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