About Anthony


I’m Anthony and have always loved technology. Everything ranging from smartphones, computer peripherals, pc hardware, software, overclocking, wearable tech… you get the point :). I would say my greatest enjoyment comes from PC building and Gaming.

When I was a child I remember our family got our first computer (this was in the 90’s) and it didn’t take long before I was playing on it constantly as well as taking it apart, upgrading parts and learning how it worked. It was later when I got a job that I was able to buy more of the gear related stuff. I feel fortunate to live in the era that we do now with the quality of life we have!

When i’m not on the computer or playing with other tech I am running a small local shop and spending time with my wife and son. I guess you could say i’m a busy fella :).

I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to comment on any posts or email me at: finalboss@levelupyourgear.com

Thank you,