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Acer, Samsung, and BenQ all offer a wide variety of high-class, performance geared gaming monitors. Acer has a model I will review today, the Acer H257HU, which will certainly catch your eye. If you’re in the market for a new monitor for high-class gaming, movie-watching, or just a multi-purpose monitor, the Acer H257HU is the monitor you need to look in to.

This monitor has a wide range of exciting, top-notch technology specs. These specs include but aren’t limited to: a 25-inch IPS widescreen display, 2560 x 1440 resolution, 4ms response time, a modern design, ultra-thin bezel, and multiple inputs for external devices. With almost 1000 positive reviews, this monitor should always be in the conversation, when talking about some of the best monitors for gaming. Acer H257HU Computer Monitor

There are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind, especially if you decide to buy this monitor for gaming. First, the ideal monitor has the latest technology with respect to panel size and resolution. This screen has an astounding 2560 x 1440p resolution, Wide Quad High Definition, or WQHD for short. This is some of the latest and greatest in visual technology. You’ll also want to take note of display technology. The Acer H257HU features In-Plane Switching, the newest in panel technology. It’ll provide the strongest, all-around picture and image quality, guaranteed.

Pixel response and refresh rate are two more important factors to take in to consideration, upon purchasing a monitor. 4ms response time is adequate for gaming purposes, which is the response time offered from the H257HU monitor. If you are to purchase this excellent monitor, you’ll find that its host to a large amount of positive features, but also host to some negative features as well. Listed below are the good aspects of this monitor, as well as some negative features that may or may not be problematic, depending on your usage. Without further ado, let’s jump in!


Model: Acer H257HU smidpx 25-Inch IPS WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Display

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The Good – Acer H257HU Review


With respect to the visual aspect of this monitor, it’s nearly perfect. The stunning LED featured in this monitor makes every color pop out, in quite an eye-catching manner. This, alone, will make any gaming or movie watching experience a lot more desirable. Although it may need to be calibrated when this Acer H257HU Review 2017monitor is first in use, the brightness of the Acer H257HU monitor is stunning. It’s consistently bright, across every area of the monitor, and doesn’t blemish or fade at corners, for the most part.

Although the monitor stand doesn’t pivot, it does allow for the monitor to be moved left or right. Another pleasing feature of the Acer H257HU monitor is its ultra-thin bezel. The bezel of a monitor refers to the border surrounding the screen. With this gaming monitor, the bezel is so thin that it appears as if the screen stretches all the way out to the border. This isn’t a feature that will make or break the potential purchase of this monitor, but it makes the overall design much sleeker.


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If you’re using this monitor to amplify a laptop’s visuals, then you’ll be quite pleased. This monitor is perfect for traveling, due to the fact that it’s very lightweight and compact. If you purchase the 27 inch version, this might change. The 25 inch version, however, is delightfully travel-friendly. If you travel constantly with a laptop, this monitor can be the perfect partner in crime for any mobile or on the go gaming. Moving to the technical features, the 1440p resolution makes for stunning gameplay. For a monitor of this size, resolution is rarely above 1080p.2017 Acer 257HU Widescreen Display

If you purchase this, however, be prepared for a world of beautifully-displayed images. Imagine walking through the deeply immersing world of an Elder Scrolls game, or piloting an air plane in the flawlessly designed Battlefield one. You’re going to want top-performance for these types of adventures. This monitor is sure to provide such experiences, through its 1440p display. When it comes to panel technology, the Acer H257HU monitor has IPS, or In-Plane Switching. This type of panel technology provides the best all-around color quality. Additionally, the color of the monitor won’t change with the viewing angle. Other panel technology such as Twisted Nematic is certainly better for gaming, but they’re only good if you’re looking at the screen with a dead-on view.


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The 4ms response time is plenty fast enough to run most games. The technology featured here also makes it adapt for a wide variety of uses. You’ll find that it can easily run design programs that are geared for graphic design, photo editing, and video editing. It’ll also run games well. Even if you’re just interested in a monitor for the living room, the Acer H257HU will do the trick. One final, admirable feature associated with this monitor is the integrated speakers. It seems that, with excellent visual display, on-monitor speaker quality is often sacrificed. With the Acer H257HU, however, this isn’t the case. The integrated speakers are exceptionally powerful. You won’t have to worry about buying a supplemental set of computer speakers, with this monitor.


The Not As Good – Acer H257HU Review


Acre H257HU Gaming Monitor


Although the list of positive aspects of the Acer H257HU monitor is quite extensive, there are a few flaws. One of the first flaws is the lack of sturdiness of the base monitor stand. It’s noticeably wobbly, and is susceptible to any desk or monitor movement, whether the movement is accidental or purposeful. Another important thing to be aware of is the varied reports of backlight bleeding. Backlight bleeding is a common byproduct of IPS technology, and is often noticed while watching dark movies in dark rooms. The Acer H257HU monitor has a small, but noticeable problem with backlight bleeding. The problem occurs in the top right and left corners of the monitor. Another negative feature of this mostly-positive monitor is the lack of movement freedom. It can’t pivot upwards or downwards in any direction, and can barely squeeze left or right. If you’re going to buy this monitor, be prepared for the fact that it’s essentially a standstill monitor. Unless you plan on mounting it, there won’t be much to glean from its movement capabilities.

Another red flag with this monitor is the reports of dead pixels, upon arrival through shipping. Dead pixels are small areas on the screen where a pixel or group of pixels appears black or discolored. On a small scale, they don’t have the potential to interrupt usage at all. They are, however, a nuisance in the long run, and you certainly don’t want to have them if you’re a gamer. The reports are not large in number, but they do exist. A final feature that could impact the overall experience of the Acer H257HU monitor is the feel of the surface material. It’s glossy and hard to grip. If you’re taking this monitor travelling with you, you’re going to want to be extra careful while you pick it up. You’ll probably want to cradle it, rather than grab it. Although the negatives are far outweighed by the positives, they must be brought to attention.


Final Verdict – Acer H257HU Review2017 Acer H257GH PC Monitor


Now let me sum up our Acer H257HU review. This display has a lot to offer, especially if you’re primarily going to game with it. When you’re looking for a monitor, you’re going to want to pay attention to several things. Panel technology, pixel response/refresh rate, and panel size and resolution are all important features to know about. Once you figure out what specifications are ideal for your usage, you’ll be able to narrow your search within a price range.

This monitor has a formidable set of visually-astounding features, and isn’t even that expensive. At a glimpse, the Acer H257HU showcases a 25-inch IPS widescreen display, 2560 x 1440 resolution, 4ms response time, a modern design, ultra-thin bezel, and multiple inputs for external devices. There are many positive aspects of this monitor. These include a 4ms response time, sleek design, and ultimate visual performance for gamers.

The negative aspects of this monitor include its lack of maneuverability, glossy finish, and noticeable backlight bleed. All things considered, the monitor’s negative features are vastly outweighed by the positive aspects. All in all, this monitor is an exceptional piece of visual technology from Acer. Whether you’re a gamer or a video editor, the performance specs on this monitor are sure to be able to handle almost anything it’s plugged in to. It’s the perfect monitor for any rig and will certainly make for a great gift for anyone who games. For $300, you’ll be sure to get every penny of worth and have an amazing display to be proud of!

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