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In our epic quest to find the next great MMORPG we have stumbled upon Albion Online. On this page I will point you towards the Albion Online Closed Beta Download below and we will talk about the game in general. What’s good, Whats…not as good, and if we plan on actually playing this game seriously upon full release.Albion Online Beta


Albion Online Beta


I have only just recently learned about the Albion Online Beta from some long time Ultima Online: The Second Age friends of mine. We were sitting around talking about the good old days and how we missed the open sandbox style of play that hasn’t seemed to be a thing since UO. All of us have moved on to World of Warcraft when it came out in 2004 and have been playing that on and off alongside some of the other greats such as Guild Wars and The Elder Scrolls Online.

When they got to telling me about Albion Online I knew instantly that I had to at least check it out. I remember watching a video from the developers and as soon as I head him say they were trying to get back to the open sandbox style of gaming reminiscent to Ultima Online I was sold 100%. It doesn’t matter what flaws the game had I was going to test out the Albion Online Beta for sure and see if playing it upon full release will be worth it or not. Here is that video I recommend watching yourself. After the sick intro they get into some interviews with the devs.

Is it worth paying for an Albion Online Beta experience?


Hopefully I can clear this up for some people.  I know the concept of paying for a Beta test version of the game may seem a bit strange because of lot of games have a free open beta. The difference with Albion Online is that this is a closed beta. This basically means it is closed to people who pay for their founders pack. These packs start at $30 and go up from there including one at $50 and one at $100 depending on how much you want to support the game.

I do not think it is strange for the game developers to charge for this because it is not mandatory and it is just for the people who want to support the team as they continue to refine the game leading into full release. Another thing to keep in mind is that Albion online will be free to play when the game goes live. It will be similar to other games in the past that have adopted this business model and the company will make money off in game purchases by the players. The most popular game I can think of that uses this business model is League of Legends.

At the lowest level founder pack you get a founder’s certificate, 30 days premium status and 2,000 gold as well as access to the game in beta mode. You will be able to play the game up until launch and once they decide to do their full game launch everything will likely be wiped out. The cool thing is that at that time everyone who bought a founders pack will regain the benefits. So not only do you get to test the game out but the money you spend now goes forward into the final version of the game as well. I think this is pretty cool and definitely worth it to get a taste for what the real deal will be like.


What is good about Albion Online?albion online


So at first glance the game is visually similar to the likes of Runescape. It is of course a bit more
pleasing and polished to look at but that is to be expected of a modern game. Now although Albion online is fairly lower quality graphics compared to some of the other top MMO’s out there it is also based a little bit less on how purdy everything is and a lot more on everything else.

OPEN SANDBOX. This game play style is fairly self explanatory but I will expand upon it just a smidge. At the core an open sandbox game is referring to one that allows a lot of freedom to the players. There may be questing and some story line but the vast majority of decisions will be entirely up to you and very little rail roading. I have been waiting for someone to come along and make a new modern game that played just like Ultima Online did and I believe Albion Online will be the one to make a run at it.

I have only just got into the Beta so later on I will do a full review of the game but for now I will add in just a few more awesome things. The first being that I love how the character are classless. In a lot of MMORPG’s there will be a Warrior / Mage / Paladin / Rogue / ect. class types for you to choose from.

These classes will limit you in how your character can behave and what skill sets are available to him. In Albion Online your character’s abilities are only limited to the gear you are wearing and what skills you have unlocked. You basically have the opportunity to play any style you wish as long as those two criteria are met.

As far as the rest of the gameplay goes I think it is very fun but the thing that I love the most is how you are able to have your own player housing. I know some of the other modern games have tried to do a version of this but in Albion it is a much more custom experience. I am pretty excited that they have this as a part of their game system.

Albion Online will be a multi platform game. Meaning you can play it on your gaming PC, Mac’s and Tablets alike. This should open up a huge potential audience although I recommend playing it on a full PC or Mac with a keyboard and mouse for the best experience. Now would be a good time to build yourself a gaming PC if you have never done it as well :).


Whats not so good about Albion Online?


OK so some people might not like how grindy Albion Online can be. By this I mean to get things done and progress you have to do a lot of similar tasks over and over again. It was a big part of UO and even a pretty big part of how World of Warcraft was back in its early days as well.

For me it isn’t a problem and I actually find myself having fun as I am going about my in game tasks. If you are used to how a game like WOW is currently where you can progress through everything at a rapid rate and typically get massive bonus’s for quest completion then Albion will feel like a bit of a grind. But who knows you may end up liking it better this way, as do I.

The only other small complaint I could see at this point is the combat system. Lets just compare it directly to WOW again. In WOW you have an immense amount of abilities and spells at your disposal where as in Albion Online you will have a mere handful. I think for some this may be good and to others it may be a big negative.

The only thing I can say about this is down the road it may be expanded on and I feel like in larger dungeon crawls, battles or guild wards it may not seem as rudimentary as when you are first starting out. You will be collaborating with a lot of other players so the complexity will come from having to coordinate your abilities with your friends abilities.


Albion Online Download


Here is where you can get your own founders pack and download Albion Online today:

Albion Online Beta Download




Final Thoughts


I think people will enjoy this game if the give it a chance. I know a lot of old school gamers are stoked even for the Albion Online Beta. I even have a bunch of buddies who never played games such as this downloading their own copy of the game. If you are searching for a new game to try out i’d urge you to give it a shot. It’s going to a be a lot of fun and this specific genre is very social as well. As a matter of fact joining a decent guild will be one of the best things you could do as it makes the game more interactive and fun, but also easier to progress. If its not your thing pass on it but if it is get your founders pack and start playing today! If you are interested you can look out for my full written and video review of the beta here in the coming weeks.


So you gotta tell me what you thought about Albion Online? I’d love to share in your experience so let me know! Once again I always recommend you look into building a gaming PC for yourself and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one anytime at the bottom of this page. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,


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  • Brandy

    Awesome review! I have been looking for a new game to get into. Recently, I have been playing the beta of Devilian. It has some aspects that I like, but overall comes out to be the result of if WoW, LoL, and D3 had a love child. The play style is that of D3, the quests and mmo feel of WoW and the multiplayer of LoL.

    Over the years, I seem to fall back under the WoW trap. I stop playing, thinking for good, and then 5 or 6 months down the road I find myself resubscribing again. Mostly out of lack of other things to play. Then as I start playing, I’m immediately bored with the current style of it.

    Albion seems interesting. I am a find of the grinds. It makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. I am definitely going to look into Albion and share this review with my friends!!

    • Anthony

      Hey Brandy!

      Ahh another hardcore MMO gamer 🙂 glad to see that. Devillian looks pretty cool too but I haven’t tried it myself. It’s funny I do the same with WOW quitting and getting back into it. You just can’t argue about how good of a game it is. It was king and has been since 2004. I personally am just ready for a different style of game and Albion Online seems to fit that mold pretty darn well. I really dig that you are going to share this article with your friends I want to try and get a bunch of people into this game as well because MMO’s are on a base level very socially orientated. The more buddies you have usually the more fun it is.



  • Alan

    Thanks for your review, i haven’t heard about Albion Online until today no wonder it is still in Beta but the game itself seems pretty good, i like the games where you are allowed to do whatever you like instead of being forced to do some boring storyline quests in order to advance, the housing systems looks interesting too.
    I’ve got one question though , obviously micro-transactions will be present but i’d like to know if these give premium players an unfair advantage over other users or are they just used for the purpose of advancing through the game faster?

    • Anthony

      Hey Alan,

      Yea I totally agree with you I LOVE open sandbox games. Even minecraft actually. As far as the premium players having an unfair advantage I will say that they may progress a little faster but even they will still have to put the time in to unlock the actual skills and abilities. With the extra gold you can just buy gear but to wear the best gear you have to work towards being able to wear it. SO I would say this game wont be a “pay to win” but rather a “pay to progress a bit faster”. Either way I figure you will get a lot out of the game and the people who want to just keep it totally free should be just fine. The thing is only a completely tiny minority usually stays away from putting money into a game like this haha. I know I usually last a little while but then cave in at some point. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it dude.


  • Dmitriy

    Hi Anthony,

    I think I’m going to try it out. You know, I always feel like I want to play an MMORPG, but somehow I constantly end up refusing myself to do so, because I tend to spend so much time in these games. But AO just looks so charming 🙂

    BTW, liked the intro so much, but was actually disappointed they didn’t show us the fight between that rogue-ish looking girl and an arcane knight or something.

    • Anthony

      Hey Dimitri!

      Hah I am glad you are going to try it out!! I think its going to be a legendary game. The cool thing is that even if you don’t want to get into the founder pack you can wait till full release and just play for free. I loved that video intro too and can see what your saying. I think they show it in another video but i’d have to look again.

      Thanks again,


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