ASUS PB258Q Review, What is a Frameless Monitor?

Welcome to my ASUS PB258Q Review. Today’s topic is going to bring up a bit different type of discussion then I am normally used to. Typically I am chatting about gaming PC’s and other gear related to gaming. While you can certainly game on this monitor it really shines in other areas. So sit back, grab your favorite cup of joe, tea, beer or whatever you enjoy drinking and join me as I try and break down this ASUS monitor in the most efficient way.ASUS PB258Q review


Product: ASUS PB258Q 25″ LED Computer Monitor

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Technical Specs


Screen Size – 25 Inches

Resolution – 2560 x 1440

Contrast Ratio: 100,000,000 : 1

Refresh Rate – 60Hz

Response Time – 5ms


Like I said earlier this monitor will still be able to hold its own in gaming but if gaming is your main concern then you may consider taking a look at these other options. Since we are talking about technical specs for the ASUS PB258Q I will mention that the 5ms response time and 60hz refresh rate is what is really holding this monitor back in the gaming department. For a typical comparable gaming specific monitor you would be looking for closer to 1ms response and 144hz refresh rate with a TN panel screen.

All this being said I think there is plenty great about is monitor including the AH-IPS display so lets get into some of that starting now.


Who is the ASUS PB258Q for?ASUS PB258Q


With the dazzling AH-IPS display, paired up with 1440p resolution and sleek thin-line frame, or should I say “frameless” as ASUS refers to it this monitor is actually gorgeous. And while I’ve mentioned a few times now that it isn’t a gaming specific monitor then, well, who is it for?

The answer is quite simple. Everyone … else.

IPS panels aren’t historically known for their gaming prowess but they are known to be better looking and more true to life displays then their TN counterparts. Whether photo editing, graphic design, video editing, watching movies or even just surfing the web this monitor is a really good option to consider when looking for a new piece of hardware.


The ASUS PB258Q is a frameless monitor?


Since we are on the topic of design for a minute I thought it appropriate to discuss ASUS’s branding the PB258Q as a frameless monitor.

Now don’t get me wrong, they have done an absolutely awesome job with design here. I think the appearance is stunning and one of the best minimalist designs I have seen so far. BUT, this is not me calling out but rather pointing out this next point, it’s pretty obvious that this monitor has a frame. It is very slight but it is still there.

Not a real big issue but maybe branding it as a slim frame or something similar may have been a little more true to form.


ASUS PB258Q computer monitor

Additional Features


Here i’d like to take a second to review the ASUS PB258Q extra features of this 25″ display. You’ve got HDMI and DVI input. Tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjust stand as well as VESA wall mount capability if that suits your fancy. That last one is actually good to have as some monitors come without the option.

Also ASUS has made sure to include their Eye Care Technology as well as TUG Flicker Free all to aid in making a more enjoyable experience and especially easier on the eyes.

Lastly one of the more notable features is the 178 degree wide viewing angle capability. On a larger screen with 1440p resolution this is definitely important as you will cut down any color change or distortion when looking at your monitor from different perspectives.


Should I buy the ASUS PB258Q?


First of all I’ll start by saying thank you for checking out my ASUS PB258Q review today. As far as I can tell there really aren’t any downsides to this monitor. My final opinion is that if you have the means to purchase this monitor then go ahead and pick it up. I think it is an amazing monitor for the money and could see many types of people getting value out of it.

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What did you think of this ASUS monitor? Are you planning on buying a new monitor soon? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one below anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

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