ASUS VS228H P Review, 21.5-Inch Computer Monitor

In this ASUS VS228H P review i’d like to spotlight a piece of hardware that is more then deserving of the high accolades and customer rating scores. We are talking about hard hitting, inexpensive and getting the most out of your hard earned dollar.

Are you looking for a general purpose monitor? A gaming monitor? Or maybe just a backup to keep around the office. Whatever your reason the VS228H P is likely a decent fit for your needs. Continuing on lets dig deeper into the heart and soul of this display and I will hopefully hASUS VS228H P Reviewelp you decide if this is the best choice for you.


Product: Asus VS228H P 21.5-Inches Led Backlight Widescreen Computer Monitor

Price: $109.99 (-$10 with mail-in rebate)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 95/100


ASUS VS228H P Features


To start off this 21.5 inch screen is a 1080p monitor with a max resolution of 1920×1080. These settings are perfect for gaming on a budget PC build as can be found at the top of the website. If you fall into this category then you will also be pleased to know that this ASUS display comes with a screaming fast 5ms response time as well. While not being the very fastest option possible to you it is really good for the price you are paying.

Perhaps you are not into gaming. Then you will be pleased to know that ASUS packs this baby ASUS VS228H P gaming monitorcomplete with Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, Smart View Technology, Aspect Control Function and a 50,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. To sum it up more simply the VS228H P is a sleek, fast and great
looking monitor.

Lastly you have inputs for DVI or HDMI which would allow you a variety of options whether you are using it for general purpose computing, PC gaming or even console gaming.


My favorite things about the ASUS VS228H P Computer Monitor


A while back I did a review on the Acer G226HQL and it is a bit cheaper then this ASUS monitor at the time of this writing. However, the reason the VS228H P is still more widely sold and popular is due to the fact that the Acer monitor lacks a HDMI input and in my opinion is a bit less attractive visually.

That being said let me lay out my favorite things about this ASUS monitor. First of all I think it is the best gaming monitor under $100 (that is right with the rebates). In that article I let readers know which 3 were my top budget gaming monitor picks.

To tie into my first reason I also like the 5ms response time. Great for gaming but also nice to have regardless.

Lastly I really dig the look of the ASUS. Although this comes down to personal preference entirely It is still a really great looking monitor and one that would look good in most settings.


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What about a Dual Monitor setup with these screens?cheap dual monitor setup


I have seen a lot of instances where the ASUS VS228H P 21.5 Inch monitor was used in dual and triple
applications. Either way works you just have to make sure your computer can handle it.

It all depends on your work style and personal needs but I would suggest checking out the dual monitor arm mount setup. Albeit a bit pricier then slapping the old boys down on your desk directly, you end up with a really nice way to easily adjust your monitors on the fly.


What are the downsides?


The only real downsides I could see here are mainly due to the fact that this is a $100 monitor. I mean it’s a great screen but you really cant expect the world out of it since it really does fall into the ‘budget’ or lower end categories.

But for the sake of being thorough I will talk about one thing you may want to consider.

The  most obvious downside would be the size. I know when I upgraded from one of those old school non wide screen monitors to a 21.5 inch wide screen I was blown away. But by today’s standards they are on the smaller side.

21.5 inch works great in dorm room /  bedroom setups, multi display setups or even single display everyday use situations. However, a lot of people might be looking towards a 24″ monitor or larger at this point. Other then size there just simply aren’t too many downsides to the ASUS VS228H P.


Who should buy the this monitor?ASUS VS228H P Computer Monitor Review


OK. 🙂 So we are about at wrapping up point for this ASUS VS228H P Review.

I will leave you with my final thoughts.

Honestly there is a reason I named this monitor the best gaming monitor under $100. Because it is. Plain and simple. ASUS put together the total package and at an affordable price. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this monitor if it fits your budget and needs. Take a look at the 4,400+ and counting reviews on Amazon and you will see what I’m talking about.

It is not just a gaming monitor but would also work well for any other function. So if you are just looking for an awesome monitor at an affordable price then I say pull the trigger and you won’t regret it.


So tell me what you thought about this monitor? Do you have a different personal preference for a 21.5 inch monitor? Let me know in the comment section below and remember likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

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  • Bee

    Hey,Anthony!Nice info.Thank you.I am wondering if you know of anyone who will do a $400-600 build for me?I would but,I am disabled and,for me,it would be too massive an undertaking.I want something with WiFi that can handle Bethesda open world games as well as music production.Please let me know if any of this is possible. Peace…Bee

    • Hello Bee,

      Sounds like you could use a new PC for a lot of fun reasons. I sure wish I knew of who to put you in touch with but I can’t think of anyone at the moment. For a good while now my time has been really limited as well. I will keep you in mind if anyone pops into mind for sure. Thanks for checking in!

      Take care

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