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It has become impossible to ignore this piece of tech mainly because of its HUGE popularity. I am going to review the 24″ ASUS VS248H P in all of its glory. This monitor isn’t the most most expensive with the most bells and whistles so what exactly makes it so special and why does it work so well for so many people?


Product: ASUS VS248H P 24 Inch Full HD LED Lit LCD Monitor

Price: Click link to see current price.

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My Personal Ranking: 95/100ASUS VS248H P Review




Monitor Size – 24″

Resolution – 1920×1080

Contrast Ratio: 50,000,000 : 1

Refresh Rate – 60Hz

Response Time – 2ms


Through out the years I have used a slew of different brands of monitors for gaming including Acer, ASUS, Dell, Samsung and the list goes on and on. They have actually all been great so it usually comes down to just minor differences.

You have to decide which specific monitor includes the features you need for gaming or whatever you are using it for.

The 24″ ASUS VS248H P is a native 1920×1080 resolution full HD 1080p display with a 60Hz refresh rate, 2ms response time, 50 million to 1 contrast ratio with a slim form factor.

It has a sleek and shiny finish and looks absolutely great from the this frame to the actual high
definition display.

The inputs include HDMI, DVI and VGA so you won’t be restricted on what you can plug it into and also won’t have to worry about having to use those pesky converter cables.


Is the ASUS VS248H P monitor good for gaming?


For your average gamer 1080p is going to be absolutely perfect to play PC games on. Another thing you want is a fast response which this monitor also has at 2ms. The last thing you want is a slow monitor while playing fast paced competitive games.

Basically this monitor is perfect for all gaming and will look absolutely stunning for the price point. If your into Fallout, The Witcher, League of Legends, WOW or WHATEVER you are going to be happy with this monitor. It has just a slight downfall in the first-person shooter genre however.

Don’t get me wrong you can certainly play your Black Ops , CS and Destiny with this display but if you
are hardcore (I mean really hardcore) into FPS gaming then I’d recommend a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate like this Ben-Q for optimized performance. For me 24″ is the perfect size to allow your eyes to more easily track your foes across the screen in a highly competitive match.


Why is this ASUS VS248H P monitor so popular?gaming computer monitor


I think there are a few main reasons this monitor is popular. The first being the size. 24″ is a really good size for most people’s desks without being too large and taking up too much space. I know when I went from my 20″ to my 24″ I couldn’t believe how much bigger it seemed.

My desk is also pretty little right now and I didn’t feel like the 24″ was too large. I think if I would have went 27″ or 30″ it would have spanned too wide and left me with very little extra space. Not to mention the price difference in those larger monitors.

The second reason I think these guys have hit the nail right on the head is the price to performance ratio. I don’t have an exact number for this because there are too many factors to calculate. However, you are getting a nice 1080p full HD, good looking, fast and inexpensive 24″ package for roughly $150. That is very cheap for a monitor of this quality.


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Final Verdict


While I do not think you should buy this monitor if you are looking for very top of the line equipment I do think the average gamer/user would be very happy with it. For the sub-$150 category it is right up there with the competitors.

Another idea would be to pair it with a PS4 or Xbox One for beautiful console gaming. It is affordable enough and would fit awesome for playing video games in a bedroom, dorm room or any other small space.


What did you think of this ASUS gaming monitor? What are you currently using and do you like it? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one below anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

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This video does a good job of showing you what the VS248 H-P is all about!



  • John Rico

    Hey thank you for this review about asus monitor. I like how informative and fun to read your article. I’m searching for new monitor because im planning to build a gaming pc. I saw on amazon a $100 monitor how does it comparr to it? Is this bang for the buck?

    • Anthony

      Mr. Rico how are you?

      If your budget is $100 for a monitor then take a look at these 3 top picks. However if you want a larger display then the VS248H P is a great monitor to go with as well at 24″.



  • dezenn

    Hey Anthony, really nice website first of all, very simple and visually impressive. The monitor looks fantastic and very affordable. I’m a little unsure about ASUS monitors as i’ve never owned one but this looks quite impressive and the ability to use it with the xbox one or ps4 makes for more incentive to give it a try.

    • Anthony

      Hey hows it going!

      ASUS has been a leader in the monitor world for a while now. While there are many good brands out there ASUS does provide a good slew of awesome hardware including the VS248H-P. Thanks for taking the time to drop me a comment and if I can help with anything in the future just give me a shout.

      Thanks again,


  • stefan

    Hi Anthony, I think this is a pretty decent monitor and the resolution is awesome. I am sorry for the ignorance but I am planning to feed my video game addiction in the future with a good computer or an Xbox. In case I decide to go for the console, is it possible to use this monitor?

    I am also interested to know what is the refresh rate, and how does it compare with the Ben-Q monitor?

    Thanks for the informative post and for your help.

    • Anthony

      Hello Stefan,

      Whether you decide to game with it on a PC or Xbox you will be fine. It is compatible. The refresh rate is 60Hz on this ASUS VS248 P and if you are referring to the Ben-Q XL2411Z, that one is 144Hz. With the Xbox I would probably just save the money and get the ASUS. I am glad I could help and hope I made your decision a little easier.

      Thanks man!


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