Best Cheap Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo For $30 Or Less


Today we will be taking a look at a few great options for the best cheap gaming mouse and keyboard combos available on the market. The budget will be $30 and under. If you are just getting into PC gaming you will find these entry level kits to be right up your alley. The great thing about buying the keyboard and mouse as a combo is you end up paying a lot less overall. I will start by first listing what I believe to be the top combinations and end it off by giving you my favorite pick of the bunch.


Redragon S101 Vajra Gaming Keyboard with Centrophorus Mousecheap gaming keyboard mouse combo


Model: Redragon S101 Vajra USB Gaming Keyboard with Centrophorus USB Gaming Mouse

Price: $26.99

Best place to buy:


This first combo is made by Redragon who specializes in inexpensive gaming gear. I actually really like the mouse this kit comes with which is the M601 Centrophorus. I have written an article about it in the past and it is of pretty good value for $13.99. It is a typical 6-button optical gaming mouse with side grips and up to a 2000dpi rating. One feature this mouse has that sets it apart from a lot of others in the same price range is the weights. You can actually take out or add back in weights depending on your preference and feel. For a cheap gaming mouse it receives unbelievably high customer review ratings and has been a best seller for a reason.

The cool thing is that if the mouse is $13.99 that means you are only paying  $13 for the Redragon S101 Vajra gaming keyboard. Overall you are saving as much as 46% which is a great deal. The Vajra is a fairly standard keyboard. I like the fact that there are 12 multimedia keys. Also not only are the “WASD” keys marked red but they are also interchangeable with the arrow keys. Lastly there is a pretty sweet function that allows you to disable the Windows key while gaming. No more annoying accidental slip ups! The Vajra / Centrophorus combination is a very solid option indeed.


EagleTec K005 / KS03 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combocheap gaming and keyboard combo set


Model: EagleTec K005 / KS03 7 Color LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo Set

Price: $23.99

Best place to buy:


Next on the list is the K005 and KS03 combination made by EagleTec. This kit will be the least expensive on the list at $23.99 but generally will perform in the same tier as the other pairs listed here. The mouse is suspiciously similar to the Redragon M601 listed above but that is OK because that mouse is pretty dang good. Again it is a 6-button optical mouse with an on the fly DPI change button. This makes switching cursor speeds pretty painless while in game as you can go from 3 different settings with the simple push of a button.

The EagleTec gaming keyboard appears pretty basic at first but is splash resistant and has 7 different color options for the LED backlit keys. I am not sure if the mouse will light up the same color that you switch the keyboard to but it is pretty sweet being able to change the color of the board depending on your mood. The keys on this keyboard are very responsive and again there is a windows key lock function just like with the Vajra. This baby usually lists for $40 but on Amazon it is 40% off. EagleTec made sure you get great value out of the K005 and KS03 gaming keyboard and mouse.


CM Storm Devastator Gaming Keyboard and Mousemouse and keyboard combo


Model: CM Storm Devastator – LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)

Price: $27.99

Best place to buy:


Lastly is the CM Storm Devastator which is a top seller with more reviews then both the Redragon and EagleTec counterparts combined. The mouse is a 6-button optical blue LED gaming beauty with three DPI settings of 1000, 1600 and 2000. Of course you can switch these up on the fly with the top DPI button just like with the others. The rest of the buttons include the scroll, left and right click and two side buttons. I think of the mice I have listed today the Devastator mouse has the cleanest look.

Moving on to the Devy keyboard I will have to say this low profile board had great appeal and ergonomics. It also is backlit with LED lights just like the mouse and I really dig how the lights shine through the cracks as well as the letters and numbers. This really helps during low light and night time gaming (which is pretty much when we all usually game). One major thing to note, although it is totally up to personal preference, is that the “enter” button on this keyboard is different from the other two. For me it is a plus having that button completely horizontal as this is what I am used to. The other two boards feature a more squished version of that button which may hang some people up while others will have no issues with it whatsoever. While this may not be the very best gaming keyboard ever Cooler Master has put out a very great package deal with their Devastator Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.


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So What is the Best Cheap Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo For Under $30?


It is hard to nail down exactly what the best cheap gaming mouse and keyboard are because there are actually many more to choose from other than the ones I have listed. These are my top picks. For me the Redragon m601 is the best mouse out of the bunch but by only a slight margin. My favorite keyboard is the CM Devastator’s board.

Overall if I must pick one and only one combo then I will name the Cooler Master Devastator Mouse and Keyboard combo as king. It comes with my pick for best keyboard of the bunch, probably my pick for 2nd place on the mouse, but as a package deal I like the look of the black with blue backlighting the most. Finally, not only me, but a ton of other people are raving about it. If you are in the market for a good cheap keyboard / mouse combo then the Devastator would be a great choice.


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