Best gaming headset under $100

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 In 2017, 7 Options For Your PC


A gaming headset can make or break your gaming experience. Here is a list of seven best gaming headsets for under $100 in 2017. When you game with a headset, no matter what your setup is, you’ll want comfort, noise reduction, and sound quality.

With this being said, some admirable qualities you’ll want to look for in a gaming headset would be noise cancellation capabilities, adjustable ear cups, adjustable head platform, built-in mic, on-headset volume adjustment, and heat-wicking material. All of these qualities can make a huge difference when it comes to having a pleasant gaming experience.

Noticeable differences can be felt and heard between top-quality and poor-quality headsets. For this reason, you’ll want to be well-aware of the brands that are on the market, as well as the features that stand out in quality headsets to classify these headsets as “top headsets”. I’ll end this article with an explanation of which one I think is the best. Buckle up your seat belts, and keep your eyes and ears peeled!


HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
2017 Best gaming headset under $100

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is a stunning combination of versatility and high-class, gamer-oriented technology. This gaming headset’s claim to fame is that it’s recommended by some of the world’s most elite gaming organizations. A glimpse at the features of the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset shows an impressive host of specs. The specs include, but aren’t limited to: leatherette memory foam ear cups, a detachable microphone, noise-canceling, on-headset volume and mic control, and tangle-free cables.


PROS: The leather on this headset will help your gaming experience and your head feel quite comfortable, no matter how long you play. The design is magnificent, and quite sleek. If you aren’t a fan of the common leatherette ear cups, the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset comes with replaceable velour cups. The 53MM drivers make sound exquisite, to say the least. Finally, the aluminum frame of the headset showcases its durability.


CONS: If you sit in a chair that’s high off the floor while you game, the cable that’s included with this headset can present an issue. It has strong potential to caught under the wheels of a chair because of its extreme length. Another issue with the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is the lack of microphone flexibility. It doesn’t adjust in any direction. The only adjustment you’ll be able to do is a complete detachment.


SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming HeadsetSADES spirit wolf gaming set under $100

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


If you’re in the market for an affordable gaming headset, especially one loaded with some eye-catching features, then the SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset is the gaming headset for you. This gaming headset has an array of neat features that include the latest sound drivers, comfortably-fitting materials, a high-quality microphone, PC/Laptop compatibility, and noise cancelling capabilities.


PROS: Aesthetically pleasing, the SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset comes equipped with LED lights on the exterior of the ear cups and microphone. Ear cups are adorned with light but durable memory foam, equipping the user with the ability to game for extended periods of time.

The quality of the microphone on this gaming headset is a force to be reckoned with. SADES designed it to be ultra-sensitive, which makes the voice and sound quality crystal clear. Additionally, it’s firmly grounded, meaning there won’t be any crackling upon adjustment. Another positive aspect of this gaming headset is the noise cancellation, which is a highly-coveted feature of any gaming headset. Finally, the affordability is almost unrivaled.


CONS: With the affordability comes lack of durability. There are numerous reports of the poor quality of the external materials used to make this headset. Additionally, there seem to be random electric or static noises that are emitted while using these headphones. They aren’t very frequent, just frequent enough to be noticeable. Finally, don’t expect to get much from the directions. They all come in Chinese.


Honstek G6 Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: Honstek G6 Wired PC Gaming Headsethonstek g6 gaming headset under $100 in 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


Boasting high quality sound and a rich bass tone, the Honstek G6 Wired PC Gaming Headset is a gaming headset that’s rich in features. You don’t have to be rich, however, to purchase it. Featuring a noise-minimizing over-ear design, a pressure-relieving head pad, a futuristic and stylish look, and gamer oriented design features, the Honstek G6 Wired PC Gaming Headset is a force to be reckoned with, among other gaming headsets on the market. Another feature that’s worth noting is that it’s quite affordable.


PROS: This excellent gaming headset comes equipped with a formidable, 50mm driver unit. This driver unit provides unmatched bass and sound quality. With respect to comfort, this gaming headset offers more than most. It comes equipped with extra-large, soft-cushion ear pads and a pressure relieving head pad. These two features ensure a gamer’s ability to play for long periods of time, without discomfort. Lightweight, this headset also is designed with top-grade, gamer-friendly materials that will be covered under a six month warranty. Finally, the headset is very affordable.


CONS: Believe it or not, there isn’t much to frown upon when it comes to the Honstek G6 Wired PC Gaming Headset! One thing that could be a thorn in your side is its inability to play with xbox console, unless you have an additional adapter.


SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset$100 gaming headset

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


The SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset is a simply-designed, multi-purpose gaming headset. This gaming headset is primarily designed for gamers who are on the go; it’s quite travel-friendly. A glimpse at its features show impressive, on-ear mesh cloth cushions, multiple-user capabilities, and cable connections for a microphone, as well as mute and volume controls. The SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset will deliver supreme sound quality, no matter if you’re gaming or listening to your favorite tunes.


PROS: Although they’ll probably be a little uncomfortable at first, they’re very easy to get used. The SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset is a perfect choice for those who game casually and use the headset for a variety of other purposes, such as with a mobile phone or device. The sound quality of this headset is another great feature. It features excellent bass, and you’ll be sure to hear any explosions or footsteps that come your way. The SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset is versatile as well. Apart from being quite travel friendly, it features a collapsible, detachable, heavy-duty connector cable that is extremely durable. You’ll find that this cable is adaptable to almost any computer or gaming system.


CONS: Headset isn’t very comfortable. Don’t expect to not feel a digging sensation on your head, after extended periods of use. Additionally, the sound is not well confined to the headset itself. Depending on the volume of whatever you’re doing, your activities may be heard by those in your surroundings. One final note: if you have a larger than normal head, don’t buy this headset. It will accelerate the already uncomfortable nature of the headset.


Etekcity HIFI Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear Virtual USB Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetBest gaming headset

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


This gaming headset isn’t a sight for sore eyes. With a dull-white, futuristic look, the Etekcity HIFI Gaming Headset is sure to catch the attention of any gamer. Priced less than $50, it’s hard to not see why. Featuring astounding sound, tangle-free wires, in-line mic control, a durable headband, and memory foam-padded ear cups, this gaming headset exudes an air of luxury, to say the least.


PROS: Sound quality is unparalleled in this gaming headset. Because of the 7.1 digital surround sound featured, the Etekcity Gaming Headset has the ability to be used for high-quality gaming and high-quality music enjoyment or analysis. Apart from the digital surround, this elegant headset features 4D Extreme bass, which is vibration intelligent. This means that you’ll get the most realistic effects from in-game experiences. Memory foam gives the ear cups a very wearable touch. The headband is comfortable as well.


CONS: This headset isn’t compatible with Windows 10, which can be a huge barrier to those who want gaming of the highest class.


Turtle Beach Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset – Dolby Surround Soundturtle beach headset under $100

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


Featuring Dolby Surround Sound, Equalizer Presets, Adjustable sound angles, and independent volume control, the Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset is a prime piece of gaming technology. Although it’s designed only for the PS3, you’ll find that this gaming headset works on any piece of technology that supports USB.


PROS: The lightweight build of the Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset is a plus. It doesn’t feature any overly-clunky accessories that weigh down the headset, and can be worn for extended periods of gaming. The ear cups don’t restrict or hug your ears. The preset equalization allow for total control and customization of your sound environment. Smaller, harder-to-hear sounds are much more discernible.


CONS: Build is a little cheap feeling, and it might not be the most durable of headsets. The setup can be rather tedious, due to the large amount of mangled wires. Additionally, the preset equalizations can only be changed while you’re wearing the headset, and offer no display or visual aid to help switch the exact settings. Essentially, you’re going to have to cycle through all the preset equalization options when you first begin to play, if you use them.


Nubwo K6 Over Ear Gaming Headset Under $100


Model: Nubwo K6 Gaming Headset with Microphone, Comfortable Headphones for PCGaming headsets for under $100 dollars

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


Featuring an adjustable mic, a very long USB connector cable, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an ergonomically-designed headband, and stylish LED lights adorning the sides of the ear cups, the Nubwo K6 Over Ear Gaming Headset is a gaming headset worthy of a double-take. Here’s a glimpse at some of the pros and cons of this versatile gaming headset.


PROS: High quality stereo as well as bass enhancement ensures an optimal sound experience, in any type of game. The Nubwo K6 Over Ear Gaming Headset has a two meter long extension cable from its USB connection, enabling long-distance game play. The noise cancellation is another exceptional feature of this gaming headset. Another thing to note is the sturdy build of this headset. It’s durable, to say the least. You’ll definitely get some years out of this one.


CONS: In terms of comfort, this headset does not hold up well. Ear soreness is a common issue when they are worn for long periods of time. The mic is okay, but not the best. They would certainly do better with an in-line microphone. A final negative feature of this headset is its lack of surround sound. For $20, however, what can you expect?


2017 Best Gaming Headset Under $100


Out of these seven best gaming headsets of 2017 for under $100, the SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset is the clear-cut winner. Not only is its price extremely affordable, but it offers amazing features, versatility, and comfort which rivals gaming headsets that are twice its price. If you’re on a budget, looking to spend less than $100 on gaming headset, and looking to save some serious cash as well, look no further: the SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset is the headset for you. Out of the seven affordable headsets on the list above, this headset has everything you’ll need, for an ultra-affordable price.

If you can afford a little more then I’d recommend the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. They are by far the nicest on the list and also much pricier.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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