Best Gaming Monitor Under $200, Which Will You Choose?

In this article I am going to be showing you the best gaming monitor under $200. Any of the monitors on this list would make great gaming and/or general purpose monitors. However I will crown one winner that would certainly be a piece of hardware you would be proud to have sitting on your desk.

While sticking to the budget your going to find out how far that budget will really take you, i.e. what refresh rate, response time, resolution, ect. Just remember as we go through the article that the prices shown will fluctuate on a regular basis but should be fairly close most of the time.gaming monitor under $200


#6 Dell SE2417HG $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: Dell 23.6 Inch TN LCD Gaming Monitor SE2417HG 

Price: $143.38

Best place to buy:


If you are looking for an inexpensive TN panel gaming monitor then the Dell SE2417HG is your gal. A fully HD monitor in 1080p this display may just be up your alley. Dell has designed this monitor specifically with gaming in mind. One of the best features is the dual HDMI ports allowing you to have both your PC and console hooked up simultaneously. Quick and easy switching between the two gaming machines would certainly come in handy. While not the best monitor on this list I would say for the price it is definitely worth taking a look at when considering your next purchase.awesome gaming monitor


#5 ViewSonic VX2452MH $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: ViewSonic VX2452MH 24 Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor

Price: $149.99

Best place to buy:


Next on our list we have the pretty sweet 24″ Viewsonic VX2452MH. This display comes complete with 50mill to 1 contrast ratio, 60Hz refresh rate and really fast 2ms response time. Great stats indeed so far. The max screen resolution is 1920×1080 and Viewsonic has added in some nice features such as the VESA wall mount capability, Full HD Display and Game Mode Function. This monitor does tilt but unfortunately does not rotate vertically. For me personally this would not be an issue as I typically keep my monitor in horizontal form gaming monitor for under $200


#4 ASUS VS248H-P $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: ASUS VS248H-P 24-inch Back-lit LED Monitor

Price: $149.00

Best place to buy:


Coming in at number 4 we have a 24″ ASUS VS248H-P computer monitor. Again like our number 5 pick it is well under $200 which is nice. It is almost impossible to not mention this monitor in a list like this due to its huge popularity. This can be shown and proven with the now over 4,500 customer reviews on Amazon with a whopping 4.5 star rating!

Much like the ViewSonic this monitor also boasts a quick response time of 2ms with 1080p resolution. $200 computer monitorThis screen is simply a great all around gaming monitor. If you would like the read more about it make sure to click here.


#3 ASUS MX239H $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: ASUS MX239H 23 Inch AH-IPS Back-lit LED Monitor

Price: $173.72

Best place to buy:


This next monitor holding down the number three spot is the 23″ ASUS MX239H. In my opinion this monitor is one of the better looking out of the bunch with beautiful lines and design quality. Beauty does come with some sacrifice in the form of a 5ms response time. While most of the other monitors on the list are 2ms or better I do think the ASUS makes up for this in other ways.

It is possible that this monitor is more of a well rounded option rather then a gaming specific panel. That is OK and this might be the best choice for some people out there. Some of the redeeming qualities are the 80mill to 1 ASUS smart contrast ratio, max resolution of 1920×1080, AH-IPS technology and a super slim build. Did I mention how great this monitor looks? Oh I did :).

The IPS technology mentioned earlier is designed to allow for wider viewing angles which is another added perk to think monitor under $200


#2 BenQ RL2455HM $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: BenQ RL2455HM 24 Inch LED Console Gaming Monitor

Price: $179.00

Best place to buy:


This list just wouldn’t be complete without a solid BenQ choice and landing on the runner up spot is the 24″ RL2455HM. BenQ has built up quite the reputation in the gaming monitor world and certainly in eSports as well. This professional grade display is sporting 12mill to 1 contrast ratio, 60hz refresh rate, 1920×1080 resolution, an insanely fast 1ms GTG response time and equipped with a TN panel.

IPS vs TN panels is always a debate when choosing the best gaming monitor. It has long been thought that TN has reigned supreme, however the new IPS monitors really do a great job with gaming these days and typically make better monitors for other purposes outside of gaming. In conclusion: you will be fine with either panel type but if you are hardcore into gaming you may wish to lean towards the TN panel.

If you are a PC gamer this monitor will suit you swimmingly and if you are a console gamer you will be delighted to know that BenQ has designed this monitor with you in mind as well. One neat feature of the RL2455HM is the amazing RTS game mode. Switch that on and your monitor adjusts to optimize settings for a great gaming experience. All in all this is one sweet display and comes in a very close second to the next piece of hardware on the list.acer 144hz pc gaming monitor


#1 Acer GN246HL $200 Gaming Monitor


Model: Acer GN246HL Bbid 24 Inch 3D Gaming Display

Price: $199.00

Best place to buy:


Here we are at the top. We have finally arrived at the number one spot with the 24″ Acer GN246HL. It is a full bodied $200 gaming monitor and the old adage “You get what you pay for” most definitely applies here.

Once again we have a TN panel gaming monitor. Boasting an awe inspiring 100mill to 1 contrast ratio, blazing fast 1ms response time, 1920×1080 screen resolution but one of the main things that separates this monitor from the rest of the pack is the 144hz refresh rate. A faster refresh rate helps with motion freeze and helps to provide a smooth overall gaming experience.

With this monitor you gain the ability to use HDMI, DVI or even VGA allowing you to connect to whatever PC, console or other device of your choice.

At the end of the day this Acer monitor is the most expensive of the bunch coming in right around budget. But for the money you get the best of all the specs including best contrast ratio, fastest response time and an awesome refresh rate of 144hz. Also the GN246HL is arguably the best looking monitor on the list as well depending on your taste. I personally think it looks great.

So if you are a serious gamer and have the budget for this display then what the heck. I say go for it and watch your friends jealousy go through the roof.


Choosing the right gaming monitor


Final Thoughts


I have a few final words to share with you when deciding which is the best gaming monitor under $200 to buy. Like I said within the list if it is in your budget then the best in my mind would be the 24″ Acer GN246HL. It is just an amazing overall pick and a great monitor.

If you are looking to spend a little less money then the ViewSonic or one of the ASUS monitors would also be a good pickup. If I had to direct you towards one in particular it would probably be the 24″ ASUS VS248H-P. You will save roughly $50 over my #1 pick and still end up with an awesome gaming monitor. In the end my friend the decision is yours and yours alone. But it is 100% a fantastic decision to have to make. 🙂


I can only hope to have provided you some value with this article and would like to express how I really appreciate you making it this far into the article as well. If you have and comments or questions please feel free to use the comment section below and don’t forget to like, share, +1 and whatever else you do if you enjoyed the article.

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