best gaming speakers 2017

Best Gaming Speakers 2017


Today we are going to be looking at a few options and ultimately decide what the best gaming speakers for 2017 will be. Whether you’re a gamer or a movie enthusiast, sound quality is an absolute must. Most people prefer to enjoy games and television with others. Headsets can deliver excellent sound quality, however, a nice set of speakers is preferable and if you like to socialize while you game, multitask or just not wear something on your head at all times then a nice set of speakers is what you need.

Gamers in particular will likely need to purchase a good set of speakers. Many high-class monitors simply don’t have great speaker quality. Often times sound quality is sacrificed for screen quality. If you’re a gamer having absolute control over the gaming environment is a must. Absolute control means that you must be completely aware of your surroundings. In order to be completely aware of your surroundings you have to have the ability to hear everything.

With a good set of speakers this is entirely possible. If you aren’t interested in speakers for gaming noises you might be the type of gamer that has to listen to intense music to game efficiently. Having a nice set of speakers is suitable for this purpose as well. Upon purchasing a set of speakers you’ll want to know you’re getting the best quality for your money.

Listed below are five of the best gaming speakers 2017 has to offer us. I have to admit some of these babies are exciting and I hope you find the right one for you! After the five speakers are listed one speaker set from the list will be crowned king as the best speaker for gaming. Of course reasoning will be provided. Here is the list!


#5 Cyber Acoustics Best Gaming Speakers 2017


Model: Cyber Acoustics Powered Computer Speakersbest pc gaming speakers 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


These speakers are off the charts! Not only are they less than $50 but they have amassed a large load of positive customer feedback. At a glimpse, the speakers showcase an impressive set of specs. These specs include but aren’t limited to: a 2.1 speaker system with two speakers and a sub woofer, 30 watts of rich sound, and a convenient set of desktop controls which control bass volume, speaker volume, and power.

The satellite speaker and sub combination certainly possesses the power and mix to bump any type of music or in-game effects. The 30-watt capability of the Cyber Acoustics Powered Computer Speakers will fill every crevice of the room which you’re residing in. The length of the cable which extends from the speaker to the desired input is long enough for you to position the speakers far out of the way.

In a nutshell, you’re getting stunning sound quality, sound versatility, and gaming/space convenience, for less than $50. If that isn’t a deal, than I don’t know what is. All in all, these speakers are excellent for gaming, music, and anything else that requires large amounts of rich sound.


#4 Genius SW-G2 Best Gaming Speakers 2017


Model: Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel Gaming Speakerstop gaming speakers 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


The Genius SW-G2 is in a class of its own. The jewel of this sleek sound system is its 45 Watt subwoofer. This woofer is designed primarily for gaming. In other words, if you have the volume of the woofer loud enough you might get blown back by the sound of an explosion. It’s that good.

At a glimpse, the Genius SW-G2 gaming speaker system has a variety of interesting performance specs. The subwoofer featured is an Ultra-rigid MDF wooded cabinet subwoofer, total output power is 45 watts, and has elegantly designed satellite speakers. Additionally this speaker system features dual input jacks for PC, TV, DVD, and game devices. If you want them to yourself you’ll find a conveniently placed headphone jack for personal listening.

One of the most positive aspects of this system is the bass quality. You’ll enjoy strong and residual bass tones, extending through drums and other instruments. Other instruments sizzle, as well. With respect to gaming, you’ll have a grand experience, to say the least. The bass amplifies everything. Although there are reports of it being slightly overpowering with respect to music it doesn’t translate over to game play. With the Genius SW-G2 you’ll get outstanding bass, excellent sound quality, and audio versatility, for a price that’s relatively unmatched. These speakers are great for anyone, but a must-have for gamers.


#3 Altec Lansing Best Gaming Speakers 2017


Model: Altec Lansing VS4621 Octane 7 Gaming PC Speakersaltec pc gaming speakers 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


Featuring specially-engineered micro drivers, phenomenal sound dispersion, thunderous bass, and built in treble/bass volume, the Altec Lansing VS4621 computer speaker system is a force to be reckoned with. Sorry console gamers; this system is designed specifically for computers.

Compared to competing brands, Altec speakers are historically crisper, with particular attention paid to high-range sound. The sub is encased in particle board, making it quite durable and impervious to damage and moisture. With this system, you’ll get durability, crisp sound quality, and versatility, for under $100. Consumers rate it very highly, as well.


#2 Logitech Z506 Best Gaming Speaker 2017


Model: Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker Systembest logitech speakers 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


A little less pricey than the Z623 version, Logitech’s Z506 is clearly a speaker system for PC and console gamers alike. This system pumps out ported, down-firing bass sound, complete with beautiful, 3D stereo in 5.1 surround sound. Additionally, multiple inputs exist to suit all your technological needs, coupled with 75 watts of thunderous bass power.

A feature that’s unique to the Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System, an on-speaker bass control allows you to easily tone down the bass quality if it becomes too overbearing. Xbox/Playstation gamers, you’ll want this surround sound. The Dolby 5.1 surround fills the room so well that if you hear in-game footsteps, you might look behind you.

These speakers will be guaranteed to fill any room with sound. If you are a social gamer or movie watcher, purchasing this speaker rig is a great ideal. You’ll be able to entertain and game for hours, while being totally immersed in your virtual experience.


#1 Logitech Z623 Best Gaming Speakers 2017


Model: Logitech Z623 200 Watt Speaker Systembest gaming pc speakers 2017

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy:


The Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System packs a punch and should easily be part of a best gaming speakers 2017 list. Disclaimer to Nazi Zombie players: this sound system won’t upgrade your weapon. All jokes aside this is an impressive piece of sound technology. You’ll find that the volume of the bass is insanely powerful, but is easily and conveniently controlled with on-speaker sound dials.

Multiple 3.5mm RCA inputs make it easy and effortless to plug in to multiple devices at once. That’s right you can stream your favorite music while you play your favorite games. This is of particular performance for gamers. You’ll be able to get the most from your games without clunky applications like Spotify or Google Chrome running in the background importance.

The bass quality is of the most supreme quality. It’s clean, thunderous, and doesn’t crackle, buzz, or hum. Additionally, the satellite speakers truly balance out the highs and the mid sounds. Previous reports of Logitech models show the bass being overpowering. With this model, this certainly isn’t the case. Another great feature of the Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System is the value.

At less than $100, it produces sound quality that will rival speakers twice its price. In summary, this is a superbly functioning gaming speaker that will suit all of your audio needs, and is the perfect addition to any gamer’s rig. For the money this set is a must-have.


Conclusion Time


With all of the speaker systems taken in to consideration, there is one that clearly stands out. The accolade of best gaming speaker 2017 is awarded to the Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System. These speakers knock most of the competition out of the way, even within the Logitech brand. You’ll get an astounding amount of bass that’s loud enough to make any gaming experience enjoyable, inputs for multiple devices, on-speaker bass and treble control, and long speaker wires, allowing them to be tucked away if tight on space.

Sitting just under $100, it’s also a steal for the money as well. The quality of the sound rivals that of speakers twice its price. Logitech also gets the job done, especially in the speaker department. If you’re a gamer who is looking to enhance your gaming experience with world-class sound, the Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System is the set up for you. You’ll find that these speakers are the perfect fit for any rig.

Forget buying the headphones; it’s time to be social. Instead of gaming with your friends over the internet, haven them over to game with you, and stun them with a sensational sound experience. Also it is just nice to have a good set of speakers and a good headset too, so that’s an option. If you purchase the Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, you and whoever hears the speakers will not be disappointed. Hats off to Logitech!

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