Acer G226HQL Review

Acer G226HQL Review, 21.5 Inch Amazon Best Seller

Lately a few people have been asking me to do an Acer G226HQL Review. This PC Monitor has some buzz around it because of the cheap pricing and also due to the fact that it is one of Amazons best sellers. Usually when something has already sold well it is a good sign of a quality product. But who is this monitor […]

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SAMSUNG S24D300H Review

SAMSUNG S24D300H Review, My New 24 Inch Computer Monitor

For years now I have been using the Acer G206HL Bbd 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. It was great for me and you can check out my review of it in the link above. Lately I have decided that I wanted an upgrade and was looking for a 24 inch gaming monitor. Originally I was going to go even bigger then 24 […]

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acer g206hl monitor review

Acer G206HL Review, Good Value For a Great Computer Monitor

Today we will be reviewing a good quality computer monitor that you just cant beat for your hard earned money. Acer is a brand I have personally used for years and I’m telling you from experience they produce a great product. Now lets get down to the details… Here is My Acer G206HL Review: Product: Acer G206HL Bbd 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor […]

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