CM Storm Devastator Review, Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Today I am going to be doing a CM Storm Devastator Review. I have been looking for a cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combo that may work well for all of you who are on a budget. If this is the case you want to know you’re getting a good product at a fair price. We will be taking a look at all the features, drivers, appearance and cost. My job is to help you decide whether or not this package deal is a good buy.


Product: CM Storm Devastator – LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)

Price: $29.99CM Storm Devastator Review

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 87/100


Backlighting, Turn on the lights!


So this is a pretty cool feature I must say. Both the keyboard and mouse are lit with blue LED lights.

This is not only awesome looking but makes it easier to find your equipment and type at night when you turn the overhead lights off but are still up playing games.

I have been using backlit keyboard and mouse for years and could never go back. It is a must for me.


Up to 2000 DPI Mouse on the Fly


The mouse that comes in this CM Storm Devastator CM Storm Devastator Reviewpackage is a nice 6 button setup capable of up to 2000 DPI.

If you are playing on higher resolution / 1080p that is where you will likely keep the settings but there is a pretty sweet function this mouse has.

The 6th button behind the scroll button allows you to switch between 1000, 1600 and 2000 DPI. This is a really handy feature and just simply makes life easier.

Probably my favorite buttons on this mouse are the two side buttons. These are generally used for forward and back during web browsing and I use them religiously. If you are not used to a mouse that has this feature you simply must try it out. You’ll love it!


Keyboard Features


Like I said before the keyboard is lit, even the letters them selves. Felt the need to clarify that 🙂

This keyboard has a nice low-pro body design to it that also keeps the dreaded carpal tunnel at bay. I am talking about the little ramp that you can rest your hand/wrist on to make sure your hand is in a comfortable position.CM Storm Devastator Review

Another nice thing Cooler Master added to this was the grip on the keys allowing for easier typing and more accuracy during gaming. The last thing you want is your fingers slipping around hitting the wrong keys during a game.

And… lastly. A lot of gaming / multimedia keyboards have this feature. Up at the top of the keyboard are the multimedia keys signifying pause/play, forward, back, mute and volume control. Pretty nice and easy way to control movies and even youtube.

Keyboard drivers can be found here under downloads!

Potential Downfalls


I am not putting this section in to scare anyone but rather to give the flip side of the coins perspective.

The #1 thing you have to remember with this CM Devastator is that at $29.99 for a keyboard and mouse combo you are obviously not going to be getting top of the line. That is OK we are only looking for good bang for buck here.

Both the keyboard and mouse are good starter items and if you are trying to save money and still get decent gear I would say go for it. If you want to check out a step up to mid range gear click the links to these reviews of mine below:

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CM Storm Devastator Review


The other potential pitfall I see is with the keyboard it self. Over all a nice board but it is lacking some extra programmable buttons sometimes seen on lower end (priced) keyboards and often on mid and high end.

I wouldn’t say this is an issue either at this price point because if you really need the little added goodies then you just have to bite the bullet and spend some doe.

I gamed for years on a plain old dell keyboard and a TWO button mouse. That’s right scroll buttons
weren’t as common back then. Kinda funny to think about, oh my how the times have changed… for the better of course. This was up until I bought a PC Magazine and started getting a bit more serious about
my gear.

So my point is if you are fairly new to gaming, on a tight budget, just looking for a cheap keyboard / mouse combo or ALL of the above then I think you can easily own it with this setup.


Concluding Thoughts


Once again thank you for sticking with my CM Storm Devastator Review up until the end! I honestly think this is a completely awesome combo and very cheap for the money. At $29.99 your going to be hard pressed to find a better deal and you should be stoked if you are going to get these for your first gaming setup or just to replace old worn out gear. In my opinion the black and blue colors really look great together as well. Go ahead and pull the trigger if you are in the market for a new keyboard and mouse. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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So if you didn’t like this specific keyboard and mouse you can ask me for recommendations and I’d love to spitball a few your way. If you are planning to buy it let me know that too! I’d love to share in your experience. Any other questions or comments please feel free to drop me one at the bottom of this page anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you,


Founder of Level Up Your Gear

Check the video out below to see this setup in action. This is not my video but I put it here for your convenience. Sometimes its nice to checkout items in different media forms before buying 🙂

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  • Torrey

    Hi man,

    I’ve been thinking about buying me a gaming PC. Just because I need a new machine, And I want a powerful one. The machine I’m currently running is a 2gb ram. 32bit windows laptop. Open up the chrome browser with about 3 tabs and you’ve pretty much got the thing maxed out. Not to mention editing a video. What machine do you recommend???

    • Anthony

      Hi Torrey,

      Glad you are checking out this keyboard and mouse review and I am happy to help point you in the right direction for a gaming PC build. I think a good place to start would be this $700 gaming PC build. It has a nice i5 Skylake processor, 8 GB of RAM and a powerful graphics card too! Let me know what you think.

      Thanks again,


  • Michael

    I really enjoyed reading this review and I’ve had experience with this mouse and keyboard combo myself. When I first built my very own computer I purchased this as my first mouse and keyboard combo and I loved it. The keyboard does have those downsides as you mentioned, but I really believe it’s a great combo for beginner users, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Anthony

      Michael how’s it going?

      Thank you for the praise I appreciate it very much. You are right the CM Storm Devastator keyboard and Mouse is a pretty good kit for starting out of even if you are on a tight budget. You are hard pressed to find a better deal for the money but you can piece together a couple that would come close. Glad you decided to drop by and add your input.


  • Jessica

    I love one of the mouses you have on your site. Do you play computer games? Maybe you could add a page with computer games on it. Have you considered doing a YouTube channel and incorporating videos into you pages? I really like your layout, it is easy to get around on your site.

    • Anthony

      Hey Jessica,

      Great idea about a section for games. I do play some and have for years and years now. I will soon share some content about that subject. There is just so much to do. Youtube videos are on my list but i’ve been working away at this blog so far. Will make time for my own videos hopefully soon! Appreciate you stopping by!

      Thanks again,


  • Neil

    I have never really liked using a keyboard and mouse for game play on my computer because I find games console control pads much easier to use.

    However, after reading this review on the CM Storm Devastator combo, I have just gotta get this. Not because it looks so cool, but I just love the light-up keyboard. And now I want this for my gameplay, lol.

    Guess what’s going on my Christmas list?! 😉


    • Anthony

      Hey there Neil,

      Ya know depending on what games you are playing a controller can be more fun to use. My personal preference is the good old keyboard and mouse. Hey I’m glad to hear you are treating yourself to some new computer gear this Christmas! Deck the halls with… technology… sounds good to me 🙂

      Thanks again,


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