Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review, Serious Speakers

If your reading this then you are likely looking to buy a high end PC speaker system that not only lives up to the hype but justifies that over $200 price tag. While these speakers are geared towards gamers they should do the job for any other audio task including music, movies, and much more.

If gaming is your primary activity on the PC and you are really serious about just gaming then I suggest a headset such as the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Either way you can buy speakers as well as a headset but if you can only get one and want speakers then that is a fine choice as they are more versatile. Today I am going to help you decide whether or not this speaker set is a good fit or a bad fit for you. SO without further ado…

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Product: Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System 

Price: $239.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 92/100


Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review

So I know and can tell you that Corsair has made some pretty quality products over the years. Some of the things you are going to want to know about the SP2500 are: How is the overall sound quality? How much / how good is the bass? and Are these speakers worth the price tag? Why are they better then some of the lower end PC gaming speakers out there? I will do my best to go over the features and all the jazzy gizmos this speaker set has to offer and then answer those questions.


2.1 Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer


Your getting 2 satellite speakers that each contain a 1 inch tweeter and 3 inch mid range. These utilize the digital bi-amplification technology Corsair has developed which generates great performance. Each has a 6 foot cable so you can place them as you please around your PC.

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review

To pair with the satellites is an 8 inch subwoofer made with quality rubber in a side mounted box designed for thumping hard. All in all we are looking at a total of 232 watts or awesomesauce and carnage. In other words… not too bad of sound. haha


The Controls On This Honey Make It Even Sweeter


There are lots of control options the first of which being the ability to switch between preset equalization curves. Like you have seen before this will automatically adjust the highs and lows depending on the mode you switch to. Of course this will allow you to easily switch to game mode or pick different setting depending on what kind of music you are listening to.

ModX is another option you can enable and is great for enhancing your Blu-ray and DVD experience.

One of the cool but lesser knows things you can do with the Corsair SP2500 is to set it into quiet or night mode. This will automatically transfer a lot of the bass sounds to the satellite speakers so your family and/or neighbors wont be disturbed. Pretty nice.


Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review

Sound Quality


Alright so I threw out these questions in the beginning of this article… lets get to them. As far as the sound quality goes these babies will compete with any 2.1 system out there. The highs are great, the mids are cool, and the subwoofer kicks like a football player(either type). The possibilities are endless.

Imagine the volume is cranked up on Battlefield Hardline, bullets whizzing past your head, team mates going down left and right, then suddenly a mortar drops near you taking out your buddy to the left and not only do you hear it and see it but you feel it.

You won’t experience distortion, static or interference at virtually any sound level which like I said earlier is great for gaming especially and really good for cranking up those tunes.


Price Tag


Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review

Normally I kind of throw this topic into the end of an article very briefly but for these speakers I wanted more real estate. The truth of the matter is that this speaker set is top of the line. With top of the line comes top of the line pricing.

Now is $239.99 out of line? My answer would be a simple: No. If you are looking at buying these computer speakers then you are a person who likes quality. Top notch. You are more worried about sound quality and game experience then dollar signs. You like to pay a couple bucks extra to get a product that is going to last you a long time. Am I right? Is this speaker set for you?


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Concluding Thoughts:


Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review

Here’s what I think and first of all thank you for reading my Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 Review up till now! If you got the scratch for this PC speaker set then by all means get it. I do not think you will be disappointed at all with the quality of sound you are getting. If you are using them just for gaming or perhaps for your entire multimedia setup (at your computer) they should work for you. Of course at the end of the day only you can decide but I hope I helped you make the decision. That’s why I’m here!


So I gotta know your thoughts on this speak set? Are you planning on making the plunge? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one anytime at the bottom of this page. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,


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This aint my vid but Linus does a great job covering the SP2500

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  • Nahim

    Real gamers out there know that audio plays a big part in your gaming experience. And when it feels like the sounds and music surround you, it really is awesome. You really get the feeling your inside the game when you hear a sound and it seems like its coming from behind, and then you turn around in the game and you feel the direction of the sound changes as your character turns around. That truly is amazing.

    • Anthony

      Hey Nahim!

      Gaming appeals to all of your senses in some way and you are right when you mention sound playing a big part of the gaming experience. If you are able to play on a good monitor with a powerful machine and awesome speakers to boot then you will be able to fully immerse your self in the game and have that much more fun. Corsair did do a great job with the SP2500 and if a person can swing the price tag then hey why not right?

      Take care,


  • Paul

    (this is in response to your response to my initial comment)

    Honestly, thinking about it, I would probably want to get something “in between” those in terms of quality, but of course I would want to get a really good value for my dollar. Is there anything you could point me to that’s priced middle-of-the-range or so and is highly rated?

    • Anthony

      Hello again Paul,

      If you want something in between i’d probably go with something like these Logitech Z623’s. Those baby’s should get ya a nice compromise of price and performance. Let me know if you need any further assistanc!

      Thanks again,


  • Paul

    Thanks Anthony for the helpful review of the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 speakers. I actually don’t have speakers for my own computer, so I guess you could say I’m open to buying some if the performance is good and the price is right. I see they have a high customer rating on Amazon — that’s really great. I’ll look into it a little. Thanks again.

    • Anthony

      Hey Paul,

      If you don’t have speakers and want some really high quality ones then this babys will do the trick for sure. If you just want something inexpensive then i’d suggest checking out my Creative A250 PC Speakers Review. Very low cost. Either way from what I can tell Amazon is the cheapest place to buy either of them.

      Take is easy,


  • Sonia

    Hi Anthony,

    I am not a gamer per se, and I was wondering if the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 a suitable alternative for my HD TV?

    Let me explain. I have a plasma TV, and I find that the TV speakers don’t deliver a high sound quality. So, can I use the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 as an alternative to my TV speakers?

    Also, I want to buy in a near future a Xbox, do you know if the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 speakers are compatible with the Xbox?



    • Anthony

      Hello Sonia,

      You can use these speakers for your TV but they are designed for best use while sitting fairly close as in sitting at the computer. You can also use them with a PS4 / Xbox but like I said would be best if using them at close proximity with the speakers. I know they would still work it just might not be as optimal of sound as it would normally be. Any other questions please leave another comment!

      Thanks again,


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