Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Review, Good Mechanical Keyboard


In this article we will be doing a Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Review. Because you are gaming you may be in search of a good mechanical keyboard in order to keep your performance as high as possible. Gamers are always looking for the best equipment, but what makes a mechanical keyboard good? What do all the different switches available mean? If you are still using a membrane keyboard what are the benefits of switching? Continue reading to find out the answers. I will also do my best to help you decide if you should buy the Corsair K95.


Product: Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown (CH-9000221-NA)

Price: $189.99

Best Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 97/100


Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Specifications


  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum for superior rigidity
  • 100% Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches for ultimate performance
  • Multicolor per-key backlighting for virtually unlimited game customization
  • 18 G-keys with up to 108 macros for faster gaming
  • Display controller driven fast and fluid for an amazing multicolor light show in a pulsing, waving and cascading array
  • Entire keyboard is programmable to assign a macro to any key
  • 100% anti-ghosting with 122 key rollover on USB
  • Onboard memory to take performance and lighting settings with you


K95 Video Review


Design and Build Features


To start off it is 100% mechanical and equipped with 18 ‘G’ (gaming) keys, 3 mode keys and multimedia keys as well.

For a gamer the added keys on the left side are one of the most powerful assets you have. You will be able to use each and every one for keybindings, macros AND switching between 3 different modes, which would be good if you are going between different profiles, characters or play styles on the fly.X Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Review

The Corsair K95 RGB is a big full featured keyboard with all the amenities you would expect for a top end piece of hardware. It earned Editors Choice from PCMag among other high accolades.

A tough brushed aluminum frame provides an excellent backbone and quality feel.

In the department of ergonomics Corsair provides an awesome wrist pad to keep the carpal tunnel at bay. This feature is detachable so if you like to use it for certain situations and take it off for others. You may do this at will or leave it off entirely.

If you haven’t experienced the backlighting on this board then you are in for a treat. The best way to describe it is: full customization. If the ability to change the colors to whatever you want isn’t enough (this really is enough haha) then you will also be able to program the brightness and even make the lighting dynamic as shown in the video above. The options really are limitless here.


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Multimedia Buttons


Like with most gaming keyboards the K95 comes with multimedia buttons for controlling your music, video and whatever media you are into. The way everything works here is pretty much standard save for one pretty awesome feature. Volume control.

Corsair added in a dedicated volume control wheel which is such an awesome upgrade to the normal plus (+) and minus (-) keys we are used to. Not a lot of keyboards have this feature and although it may seem trivial I think it is pretty darn handy.


What do all the different color switches mean?

There are a few different ‘color’ (or types) mechanical keyboard switches you will have access to choosing from. Switches are the part of the key that is under neath the letter caps. They are the work horses of the keyboard.

The different types are the Cherry MX, Cherry MX Black, Brown and Blue. They all come with very slight differences that may benefit your personality or tastes. My favorite are the brown switches. Check out the video for a more in depth explanation of the switches.


Why switch to a mechanical keyboard?


Other then all the over the top sick features of the Corsair K95 lets go into the basic reasons why a mechanical keyboard would be better than a standard membrane keyboard.

Membrane keyboards, such as the Logitech G105 and Redragon K502, are quiet but require you to press the key down all the way for it to register on the computer. Mechanical keys will register when the key is pressed only part of the way down. For gaming this means that your actions will happen faster and this is an advantage gamers are always looking for in any piece of gear.

Another type of person who could benefit from this would be a writer, blogger or anyone who spends a lot of time typing. The shorter throw on your keys means you will be saving tiny amounts of time with each key stroke. After an entire paper this adds up to a lot of time and your words per minute will see a decent increase.


See more product information and reviews!


Final Verdict


I would say for roughly $200 you are going to want nearly everything AND the kitchen sink. That kind of money warrants these feelings. I mean you are spending a couple bones on your keyboard alone so it better be good. The K95 delivers plenty of features and fits the bill perfectly for the high end gamer and possibly even content creator. If this keyboard is within your budget then I’d say by all means it is a great option and you will be able to enjoy all the joys of a mechanical gaming keyboard.


What did you think of the Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Review? Do you use a membrane or mechanical keyboard? Which one? Are you planning on getting a new upgrade anytime soon? Please feel free to drop me a comment at the bottom of this page anytime. I would love to share in your experience. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you,


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  • Wendy

    Hi Anthony. Great review! I am an avid gamer and did not realize the difference between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard. How long does a mechanical keyboard last? I tend to go through at least one membrane keyboard a year as I type over 100 wpm so maybe it might be cheaper in the long run to buy a mechanical one… 😛 Also, if they can register multiple key presses at a time, does that mean that if I want to cast say 5 spells it would execute them in sequence if I hit 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 back to back even though the first spell is in the process of being cast? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Wendy!

      I appreciate you reaching out to me here. A mechanical keyboard will last a long time and you would be better off buying one in the long run. Also while a keyboard may be able to register 5 different actions all at once it doesn’t necessarily mean they will all be stored and used automatically. For instance if your first spell takes 2 seconds to cast it won’t mean the 2nd button you pushed will be used right after the 1st is done. However if everything you are using is instant then it will work.

      Thanks again,

  • LK Xcali

    Building my own PC was probably the best decision i made as an avid gamer. I like my share of consoles as well and i have both an XB1 and PS4 but to be honest PC is the master race lol. I like how you put together all the different builds for performance and price. I was going to do something like this for my website but in the name of quality I think i’ll just point people here.

    Also by the way. Intel > AMD in my opinion. Though I have to admit if you’re on a budget, going AMD will free up some needed cash for a good gpu.

    • Anthony

      Hi LK,

      Looks like you have read a few of my articles including this one about the Corsair K95. I really appreciate that and your comment. I agree on all of the points you made. I am still not sure going with an AMD CPU is worth it at any point though. Maybe when they release the Zen line things will changr. I am hoping for that. I’d love to see a little more competition.

      Take care,


  • bioelectrobot

    I have actually never seen such a keyboard. Nor have I seen a keyboard with that price. I think the most money I ever spent on a computer keyboard is about twenty dollars.

    Does a mechanical keyboard reduce the risk of electric shock when liquid is spilled on it? I understand that mechanical means no electricity, however, there must be electrical signals being passed to the computer as the mechanical keys are pressed. Forgive my ignorance on this subject. I find this article very interesting and would be curious to learn more about mechanical keyboards.

    My thoughts are always ahead of my typing speed. If this keyboard could significantly improve the number of words I type per minute, it may, indeed, be worth the investment.

    • Anthony

      Hello bio,

      Yea there is still electricity used with the mechanical keyboards. Mechanical is referring to the way the switches function. If you are looking for a cheaper option to just type on i’d take a look at Havit’s Mechanical Keyboard. It would do just fine. Let me know if I can further assist you.



  • Benjamin

    Pretty amazing keyboard. I don’t know about spending $190 plus tax for just a keyboard though. That’s about half the cost of a laptop these days. Quality keyboard for sure though. The Corsair gaming k95 rgb looks like it would be a blast for gaming. Just seems a little over the top.

    Great review by the way!

    Benjamin Nickel

    • Anthony

      Hello Benjamin,

      It is amazing isn’t it? I know that price does hurt but it’s like with anything else. You gotta pay more to get more. Cant get a Ferrari at a Corvette price. Just gotta decide if you are a Ferrari guy or a Corvette guy 🙂 Thanks for the high praise I apprecaite it!


  • G.C.Horton

    A $200 keyboard seems very pricey, but you justify it well. Actually, I was floored when you wrote that the Corsair Gaming K95 RGB is made of Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum. Who does that? Then you went on with some amazing features for the mechanical keyboard. You convinced me, even though I didn’t understand it all.

    • Anthony


      You are right a $200 is quite pricey. This keyboard is probably reserved for the enthusiast who is looking for best of the best. I do like that with the K95 you do get more features and quality for the price. Some products just cost more but offer nothing different.



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