Creative A250 Speakers Review, This PC Kit Will Blow You Away

Today we are going to take a look at some speakers that may very well blow you away. Pun intended. Find out whether or not you should consider buying them.

Lets jump right into this review of the Creative A250 Speakers:


Product: Creative A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Price: $32.06

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 75/100


Creative A250 PC Speakers Review

Like I said earlier the A250’s are a 2.1 system coupled with a nice bass speaker to fill out the sound. The two smaller satellite speakers feature what Creative calls their “DSE” system which helps create a better quality and richer sound.

One nice feature is the volume control on one of the satellite speakers giving you quick and convenient control on the fly. Creative boasts that the bass subwoofer speaker is the largest in its class and I love its downward facing design.

This speaker set would be good for a wide variety of tasks including movies, music, gaming and more.


Who would the A250’s be best for?


I would say first of all that these speakers are very affordable for someone on a budget. They could also make a nice present for someone wanting new speakers. At $32.06 they are really inexpensive especially since this set includes the bass speaker and could possibly be the best PC speaker set for under $35.

The reason they are getting a 75/100 is only because there are a lot of higher end speakers that would rank above these. But for the better quality will come a hefty price increase.

Good for small spaces


In my opinion this PC speaker set would be best suitable for a PC setup in a bedroom and/or possibly a dorm room. The two satellite speakers are just the right size to place just about anywhere and I would set the bass speaker either under or next to your desk.


Concluding thoughts:


Thank you for reading my Creative A250 PC Speakers Review thus far. I think overall if you or someone you are buying for is looking for a cheaper PC speaker set with decent quality then these would be a great option. I personally had an older version of these back when I was living the dorm room lifestyle and I can tell you that I loved them. They were also my first nice speaker set and I loved bumping the bass speaker back then.

Don’t let what I’m saying deter you from buying them if you simply need some speakers for your family computer. I mean who doesn’t want decent sound quality for cheap right? In other words they could work for anyone.

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What did you think of these speakers? Would they work for you or someone you know? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one below anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,


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  • christinamk

    These speakers look like a great value for the money. They sound like the perfect purchase for someone who is looking to get nicer speakers but is not ready to buy super expensive ones yet. Seems like these would be a first step towards figuring out what you would really like in an expensive speaker. There must be difference in high end speakers that take some experience to be able to notice? Anyway the price of these speakers make them perfect for giving a gift. I will keep them in mind when I need to buy a gift for a music lover!

    • Anthony


      You have it right these are a good starter set of speakers. Yes I would say someone new to PC gaming may not fully appreciate a real high end speaker but even so they will be able to tell that the sound is better. So really it comes down to how much a person wants to spend. Another good option could be to go with a headset to start. I’d recommend taking a look at these Sentey GS-4730‘s. Take care and let me know if I can further assist.

  • Chris

    It’s really mad to see Creative producing so many decent audio options these days – when I first started out in audio engineering ( many years ago now! ) they were awful! I’ve noticed them rise through the ranks slowly concentrating on PC audio mostly – they really are a quality product these days! I even used to have a synth by them ( NOT Midi compatible of course! ) 🙂

    • Anthony

      Hi Chris,

      You are right Creative does make some great products. I think these A250’s would be a pretty decent inexpensive option. I really appreciate you stopping by and dropping me a comment. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Thanks again,


  • Daniel Lara

    Hi, Anthony! Some questions about your review.

    1) Do you have any experience with Edifier speakers? How do you feel this would compare with their cheaper products such as the M1360 or 1380? I realize the Creative A250 is cheaper but these seems to be somewhat in the same league.
    2) How is the subwoofer’s bass sound? Is it able to handle low frequencies with authority?

    • Anthony

      Hi Daniel,

      I unfortunately haven’t any experience personally with the Edifier brand. I have heard they make a good product and I think the M1360’s or M1380’s would make a great substitute for the Creative A250’s provided you have the extra cashola. As far as the bass goes on the A250 it goes pretty well but can only handle so much. With this price range you do lack the performance of a higher end set but they are great for general use.



  • Paul


    Thanks for the to-the-point review of the Creative A250 Speakers. I previously read your review of the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 speakers, and I see that the A250 also has an excellent rating on Amazon. There are definitely a lot of really solid options to choose from. I’ll look into this one as well. Thanks again.

    • Anthony

      Hey Paul,

      Yah haha BIG price difference there so it all depends on what you are using them for. If you want specific help figure out what to buy just ask. Happy to help!

      Thanks again,


  • Sal

    Really nice thoughts there bud. I really didn’t expect there to be such an inexpensive set of speakers out there that does the job so well. One thing I want to know though is the actual output of sound. Is it fuzzy, minimal, and what’s the quality of sound the speakers produce? Thanks so much for a good article!

    • Anthony

      Hiya Sal!

      This set has pretty good sound quality although I will say it is a lower range product and you can expect decent sound for the price. They can not be compared to the high end speakers. I apreciate the visit man keep the questions coming if you have any. See you again soon.

      Thanks again,


  • Ananomyx

    This is a really great and informative website. My speakers recently blew and I will be needing new ones soon, and your site has great reviews. I know where to come now to get more information and just want to thank you for putting this all together. Ill be bookmarking this for later use.

    • Anthony


      Sorry to hear about your speakers blowing up. But I am glad you have found my site and plan to come back! Please check out some of my other reviews and articles. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks again,


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