E 3lue Cobra Mouse Review, So Cheap. Is it worth it?


This is going to be a review about the E 3lue Cobra Junior Mouse. A gaming mouse I have personally purchased and used extensively. You will find that it is super cheap. But does this mean it is a hunk of junk? Is it worth getting or should you just get a more expensive gaming mouse? Lastly, would it work as a normal every day computer mouse? Check out the rest of this article and I will do my best to answer these questions.


Product: E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse with Side Control 1600dpi

Price: $8.99

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Personal Ranking: 85/100


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E 3lue Cobra Junior Mouse Design, Feel and Ergonomics


Like I said I have used this actual mouse a LOT because I spend a lot of time on the computer. I have to say it is a pretty nice looking, actually shockingly good looking piece of hardware for the price. You wouldn’t expect the build quality from a mouse this inexpensive. The blue LED lights are a nice touch and aren’t too bright.

The frame is long and about the same width as any typical mouse which fits well in both my larger hands and my wife’s smaller hands (she digs this mouse). There are indents on both sides to help keep a steady hold during usage as well as a nice soft grip on the top surface. I find that even during long usage the mouse feels comfortable.

Equipped with 6 buttons the E 3lue Corba Junior is just right for the entry level gamer or basically anyone who just needs a new replacement mouse that is better then a stock unit. The left and right click are easy to use and responsive, scroll button is smooth, the DPI button is accessible yet the best addition is the two side buttons which can be programmed for gaming purposes or simply used for navigating the internet (forward and back buttons).


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Is 1600 DPI enough for gaming?


If you are not familiar with DPI, or dots per inch, we are basically referring to the speed in which your mouse cursor moves across the screen. The Cobra is rated up to 1600. For a couple dollars more you can get a mouse rated up to 2000 DPI in the Redragon m601 or for a LOT more money you can get one rated up to 12,000 DPI with the Logitech G502 Proteus Core. But the real question is 1600 DPI enough for the games you play?

To be completely honest 1600 is the lower side for gaming mice but for general purposes it is more then enough. There is a lot of hype about having the highest DPI mice being the best but for general gaming purposes 1600 will be more then enough.

If you start getting really good at First Person Shooters you may grow out of it once your twitchy sense becomes elite but for most games it will be more then adequate. Think about if you have ever played a game with a stock Dell or Compaq mouse. Was it terrible? No. But you can always do better 🙂 That is the case here and in the real world a lot of people wouldn’t have enough control to tackle a really high DPI setting anyways. Just my opinion.

E 3LUE Cobra Junior Gaming Mouse Review

What is the downside to the E 3lue Cobra Junior Gaming Mouse?


Since I have used this mouse (and others) for years I can tell you what problems you may run into. I know up until this point it may seem as if I was trying to sell you this mouse but I was mainly just pointing out the good stuff. Lets take a look at a couple negatives.

The first one being that for some this mouse may feel a little bit slim. It is more narrow design as far as gaming mice are concerned so if you have very large hands or just like the feel of a wider grip then this one may not be for you. I have fairly large hands (not huge) and it feels just right to me. This typically comes down to personal preference and previous experience. I have seen people with tiny hands like the larger mice better. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Another problem that I have run into in the past is the mouse actually breaking. I had one of the buttons stop working for me after a couple years. I ended up buying a replacement because I felt the mouse was worth buying a 2nd time for how cheap it was.

To build off that thought I will say that when you use your mouse as much as I do and for what I do (gaming) you will wear some equipment out from time to time. A gamer typically clicks aggressively and very frequently. As far as periphials go mice are known to break once in a while even if you buy an expensive mouse.

I have seen Razers and Logitechs do the same thing. When I broke my last one I wasn’t even upset, but…kinda proud. Oh well the other train of thought could be that it’s a cheap piece of junk but like I said even the high end stuff is prone to breaking.


Final Verdict


OK OK OK. I promise I will get down to business and pass judgement on the E 3lue Cobra Gaming Mouse. If you have read this review all the way to this point I commend you. I really do appreciate it.

For $9 you can find a couple other gaming mice at that price point. I have tried a few of them out and this one is my favorite in the inexpensive category. I think you will find that for the price you actually get a lot of value and I would recommend it to entry level PC gamers and anyone else looking to use it for general computing purposes. If you are getting into PC gaming you may want to also check out this awesome $500 Gaming Build.


What did you think of the E 3lue Cobra? Do you have a favorite mouse you’d like to share? Please feel free to drop me a comment at the bottom of this page anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you,


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  • George

    Hi Anthony,

    Just bumped into your site man. Greate review on the E 3lue Cobra Junior Mouse.

    I understand that it might not be the cup of team of every gamer out there, but my personal opinion on ,is that if you are a very active gamer, you are bound to invest in many mice over a certain period of time.

    This one seems like value for money and you could replace it just as easily if and when you need to.

    • Anthony

      Heya George,

      Spot on with the analysis here. The Cobra Jr is a great mouse for extremely cheap. I appreciate the comment thanks bro.

  • Vincent

    Informative post, I learned a lot about the feature of a mouse. I am not a gamer so to me a mouse is just a mouse. Your post has educated me that there are things to look into it like the DPI. Does the DPI make a difference in usage or only a gamer can experience the difference?

    • Anthony

      Hi Vincent,

      This mouse is good for general purposes as well. I use one in my office in fact! The higher DPI will let you move the cursor across the screen faster. Although you don’t need it very high for surfing the Web and doing general tasks this mouse should would just great for that as well as gaming.

      Take care,


  • Matthew

    Fantastic review on this mouse, i see so many reviews just highlighting the positives and you have done a great job of giving a non bias recommendation. Keep up the great work, i really feel i can trust this.

    I, in fact need a new mouse soon, so i will bookmark your website and check back again soon

    Well done!

    • Anthony


      Glad you dig the review. This is a mouse I have used personally on and off for years. Although it does have it’s flaws they are easy to overlook for how cheap it is. I hope to see you back soon and please feel free to drop me a comment anytime!



  • Kalzefir

    For a while I have always found a way to hook up my 360 controller to my computer to play 1st person games, as I was so familiar with it. However, I’ve heard that using a mouse and keyboard has its benefits, such as a faster response, hotkeys, and the like. Thanks for the review of a cheap mouse, it may be an entrance for me if I go into mouse and keyboard gaming. So many websites only focus on the best of the best, so I like how yours also looks at other interests and factors. Thanks!

    • Anthony


      The Cobra Junior is certainly a good starter gaming mouse. I also encourage you to give PC gaming a chance as well if your not used to it. It is a ton of fun and a whole different experience from console gaming. Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

      Thanks again,


  • Theresa

    The picture looks like this is a corded mouse. Do they make something like this that is cordless? I like the blue lights and may pick one of these up just for everyday use, but it may be a better fit to my son because he actually plays games on the computer. i think he prefers cordless mice, though.

    • Anthony

      Hi Theresa!

      This review was about a wired mouse. If you are looking for the E blue wireless version you can check it out here. Either version should be fine however I prefer the wired one. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


  • Sundar

    For quite sometime I used to visit your site regularly to know about any latest accessories for my computer gaming purpose. I completely went through the entire review of this E 3lue cobra mouse for gaming and i would say that i am surely going to get one as i am a gaming freak.

    • Anthony


      Thanks for the visits! Ya go for it if you need an inexpensive option. Even though it’s cheap it’s been working for me pretty well.


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