Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review Scroll Gaming Headset

Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review – Scroll Gaming Headset – 2017 Update


This is going to be an Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review, an Etekcity Scroll Gaming headset. We will be looking at the good, bad and ugly of the beast (if there is any). At the end we will try our best to give our opinion of whether or not this headset is a good buy. So stay tuned folks!

We’re all in, as gamers, when it comes to making sure a gaming experience is perfect. Many years have passed since a solid gaming session consisted of a few hours of gaming on a early model PlayStation or PC. As gamers, we’ve grown up. Fortunately for us, the world of gaming technology has grown with us. In many cases, it’s grown beyond us. Exciting technology breaks into the market every day; it won’t be long until we’re touching holograms in front of us to control an in-game character or action.

One aspect of gaming that’s grown incredibly is the use of high-quality gaming headsets to maximize gaming experience. One headset in particular, the Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear Virtual USB Surround Sound Gaming Headset, is a portrait of exactly how much the world of gaming has grown, over the past few years. Gaming headsets provide a crucial in-game advantage to those who use them. We’ll take a look at what the advantage is, and how this Etekcity Scroll Gaming headset can help you soar to the peak of your gaming talent. After all, what’s a game if you can’t hear what you’re playing?Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review

When you’re gaming, a great headset is crucial, regardless of the environment you’re in. If you’re playing a large-scale multiplayer Xbox session, you’ll want a headset that can adequately deliver vocal communication. If you’re using a headset on a platform such as a computer, you’ll want a headset that exceeds communication expectations but also provides serene comfort and volume controls.

If you’re reading this article, you’re reading about the Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ and wondering is its suited for your needs. This Etekcity headset, although designed specifically for computer gamers, can be used in a variety of gaming settings. At a glance this Etekcity headset has a lot of impressive product features.

If you are to purchase this excellent gaming headset you’ll be able to indulge yourself in its balanced and kicking sound, intensive noise isolation, comfortable and ergonomic fit, and a control pad that handles all the functions you’ll ever need from a headset. Oh yeah – we can’t forget how versatile it is! All these are but a taste of how great this Etekcity Scroll Gaming headset actually is. Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of this elegant piece of gaming technology! We’ll take an in-depth look at both the pros and the cons of this righteous headset and conclude with a final breakdown.


Model: Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Sound Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear Gaming HeadsetEtekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review - Scroll Gaming Headset - 2017 Update

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Pros –  Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review


The first thing to discuss is the price. For ~$40, it’s going to be hard to find a better headset in 2017 given its features and perks. You’ll be able to save your money and use it on another portion of your gaming rig or more games! When it comes to a standout gaming headset, comfort immediately comes to mind. This headset surely won’t let you down when it comes to comfort. They’re ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable game play. The designers surely had uninterrupted gaming in mind when they put this headset on the market! They won’t put a lot of pressure on your head and they’re lightweight, as well. Those are two things that can hugely impact the overall comfort of your headset!

If you’re worried about the impact of vocal and environmental volume in your game, this Etekcity headset has the answer to your problems! It features a unique control board that is easily accessible, from the side of the headset. It features a noise isolation control, a volume control, and a microphone muting control. What more can you ask for from a gaming headset that’s under $50? Not a whole lot unless you would like to check out some of our favorite sub-$100 gaming headsets :).

All of these features translate into a silky smooth gaming experience, but we aren’t done just yet! The sound you’ll hear through this pristinely-designed gaming headset is blissful, to say the least. It’s high quality, virtual surround sound. The speakers of the headset also have enhanced bass vibration. You’ll experience a broad range of high-quality tones! The Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Surround Sound Gaming Headset will deliver a great experience to anyone who puts it on their head. Whether you’re watching movies, gaming hard, or listening to music get prepared to experience the ultimate sound quality!

It’s hard to believe, but there are actually a few complaints and documented issues with this Etekcity headset. Let’s take a look at those below.


Cons –  Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review


This Etekcity gaming headset has a lot to offer, as far as great sound goes. It has a few issues, however, that must be discussed! First off the vibration feature of the bass tones is rather flimsy. It’s not the best and is prone to crackling. If you’re listening to music while you’re gaming, you might want to consider turning this feature off!

Another negative concerning its sound is how tough it is to adjust the height of the microphone. If you want to flip it up to stop talking, you’ll have to use two hands. That’s no joke. In addition to it being tough to move up and down, it also emits a rattling noise that can be quite abrasive to both you and your friend’s ears, if heard. You’ll probably have to mute your microphone every time you’re considering adjusting its height. This can be a small, but annoying nuisance that could rupture a smooth gaming experience.Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset

Lastly, and the subject that has brought in the most poor reviews, is the painfully annoying software setup process. This setup is certainly one of the most complex things about this gaming headset. It’s not the same for all operating systems. On the newest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, you will possibly have to install additional drivers that aren’t easily discoverable. They’re located in a very hard-to-find area of Etekcity’s website. Even if you do manage to get the drivers installed properly, another problem lies within; you won’t get very much out of the EQ and other sound features that come with this headset. Since they’re primarily designed to be used on an operating system such as Windows 7 or 8, they simply aren’t optimized for the likes of newer operating systems. Some features that formerly could make an impact in the game don’t do much at all. That’s all we’ll talk about, as far as the complications that arise from the setup. The microphone arm, the vibration feature of the bass tone, and the driver installation are three things that you’ll want to be mindful of, if you are to purchase this generally good gaming headset.


In Conclusion –  Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review


Thank you for checking out our Etekcity HIFI H7PX+ Review, A 2017 Update To The Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset. For the price, this Etekcity gaming headset has a lot to offer as far as comfort, durability, and sound go. When it comes to bass quality and system compatibility, however, it’s lacking. Let’s take a glance at everything we just discussed!

As far as the positive aspects of this Etekcity headset are concerned, it’s a great headset for an immersive gaming experience. You’ll assuredly have a host of innovative sound and volume controls, a comfortable playing experience, and supreme affordability!

The positive aspects of this gaming headset generally overshadow the negative aspects. You won’t get very much from them if you’re using a newer version of Windows, or another operating system that’s relatively new. The setup can be quite tedious as certain drivers are relatively obscure. The microphone is also quite strange, as it takes considerable force to adjust its height.


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With all of this taken into consideration, however, the Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear Virtual USB Surround Sound Gaming Headset is an affordable, relatively high-quality gaming headset that will do the job, if you’re looking for comfort and performance. If you’re looking for an awesome, durable, and comfortable gaming headset for less than $50, the Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear Virtual USB Surround Sound Gaming Headset is the gaming headset for you!

Make sure that your next gaming headset delivers a gaming experience that’s immersive, uninterrupted, and comfortable. This great Etekcity gaming headset is certainly a headset that will do all of this and more. Check it out today!

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