Gaming PC vs Console, Which is better?


As long as most can remember there has been a discrepancy between PC and console gamers, a war if you will. Thus the epic battle of the Gaming PC vs Console was born. It is alive and well with us still to this day but, is one or the other actually better? On both sides of the fence there are casuals, zealots, elitists and everything in between. Lots and lots of opinions drifting around out there. Lets dive in and take a look at what each system has going for it and then ultimately decide once and for all who the winner is. Read the entire article to find out which one I think is truly King.


Benefits of Console Gaminggaming pc vs console


The front runners in our video game console story are the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. I’d say typically when people are thinking of the console vs PC topic they are referring to the Xbox and PS because they are the most PC like. So we will keep those in mind as the comparisons for the rest of the article.

To get this straight, all platforms have exclusives, but depending on your taste you may be more inclined to buy a certain one due to the games developed specifically and ONLY for that particular platform.

With the Xbox One you have games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, Gears of War and Halo 5: Guardians. Where as on the PS4 side we have Until Dawn, The Order: 1886, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Alienation. It is worth to probably mention that Call of Duty’s Black Ops 3 isn’t exclusive to any platform but the PS4 struck the deal this time to get all the downloadable content (extra maps, guns, whatever) at an earlier date then the Xbox guys. These kinds of things are what you will want to look at when buying a console or PC.

OK, OK this isn’t a console vs console battle I just wanted to point out some titles you won’t be seeing on the PC unfortunately. Back to the benefits of a console.

I’d say the number one advantage of a console is the ease of use. What I mean by this is you go to the store, buy it, take it home, hook it up to the TV you likely already have in your living room and you’re off to the races! It’s easier for parents to pick up one of these for a Xmas or birthday present in the sense that they don’t need any knowledge about it before hand, because there is only one current PlayStation or Xbox to choose from. Where as with the PC you have a lot to choose from.

I’m not going to cut the modern consoles short by saying you can not get a good overall gaming experience on a big AAA title. You can get some great gaming out of them but i’m going to cut that a bit short here and end with something that makes them a LOT different then a PC.

Another big distinction would be the social games highlighted by Guitar Hero, Just Dance and singing games for instance. These are best played with friends and family around the TV and you are unlikely to see people crowding around a computer to do this.


Benefits of PC Gaminggaming pc vs console


I’d start off with listing PC game exclusives but what you need to know is that there are way too many to list comfortably here. A pretty decent reference to future games being released exclusively to the PC can be found here. As you can see there are more exclusives for the PC then any console ever thought of. I suppose this is neither here nor there but comes down to what games you want to play and your personal taste.

A pretty big advantage of the PC is the fact that it’s open. When you have a PS4 there will be games you can’t play that are only available on the Xbox and vice versa. The PC community is one big happy family that can be split by no man. Well it’s not that simple but we can all play the same games without restrictions.

The next benefit of a PC is the complete backwards compatibility of all games due to DirectX and PC’s can also play pretty much all the old console games as well. This is a benefit only really enjoyed by the PC. On your PS4 you will be able to play some of the predecessor games but don’t expect to be playing a lot of PS3 and PS2 games.

It is free to play computer games online and there are no gaming and social services to pay for. A couple examples of these are Steam and Desura. Yes of course you still buy a lot of games but you certainly don’t have to pay for the right to play online.

Moving on the the performance side of things, this is really where the PC shines. Not only do you get a lot more bang for your framerate buck out of a PC but you can build an awesome gaming PC for under $500 that will straight up SLAY a console. I am talking 60fps at 1080p all day long for similar cost with the potential for way higher (provided you shell out the bucks), where as a Xbox One you are looking at 30fps at 720p static and unupgradeable. The best part is 2 years down the road you can upgrade your computer, get a new graphics card and continue evolving with the times.

The bottom line with PC’s is that they are flexible. Yes you can build your own PC or buy a pre-built. You can spend $500 or $5,000 on your system… or $30,000 if you really wanted to. You can upgrade them tomorrow or wait a few years. You can game, design, create, edit, write, work, whatever… you get the point. A PC can do everything a console can do and more …AND they are the best at it.


Gaming PC vs Console…But but but… PCMasterRace…


Amidst the battle there is one elite regiment named PCMasterRace. You can find them over on reddit at /r/pcmasterrace. They are a rough and tumble bunch that is dedicated to the “ascension” of peasants. A.k.a converting console gamers to PC gaming. I find it quite comical but I could see where some console gamers wouldn’t. Their main point is that the PC itself is better for gaming then a console, not the person sitting behind the machine. So with that in mind know that if you currently do not play games on the PC or haven’t been to that sub reddit before I would certainly check it out. It’s not nearly as elitist as it sounds and you will find some great content there as well as redditors.


Final Thoughts


I personally own a gaming PC and console. While I gaming pc vs consolecan see the benefits to having a console I truly just prefer to play games on the PC hands down. I think this is because of the entire experience that comes with your computer. The keyboard and mouse just feel at home in my hands. Heck I only turn my PS4 on to watch Netflix and play Blue-rays these days.

Don’t get me wrong I think console gaming is alright and want to make it clear that no one group of people is better then the other. It is the machines that have their differences. For me specifically the PC makes a more powerful and diverse experience and it is where I prefer to spend my time.

So with all that being said I will crown the PC as King of Gaming.

The end.


Thanks for reading this far. Tell me in the comments below which platform you prefer to game on and if you want to add any benefits of that system go for it! Please share, like and +1 if you enjoyed the article and if there is anything I can help you with just let me know.

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  • Alec

    The main benefit of a console is the ability to “plug and play.” You don’t have to build or research the parts required to put it together, and you’ll never have to deal with Windows, drivers, or glitches that may arise with driver incompatibility.

    For computer geeks like us, messing with these things can actually be fun, but technical things aren’t for everyone.

    • Anthony

      Hello Alec,

      Great point you bring up here. For me the things you address has become second nature but I can see where it may not be for everyone for sure. Either way we are all having fun so that is the important part :).

      Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated!

  • Hannah

    I think my choice between the PC and console is more influenced by what kind of game I’m playing. For any kind of shooter I would choose the console any day. For some strategy games or even arcade style games I would opt for the PC!

    Great article. Those gaming PCs look freaking awesome by the way! Have you done any reviews on them?


    • Anthony


      You are right FPS games are fun on a console. I like to play them both ways. Most other stuff I prefer on the PC though. Thanks for the praise it means a lot. I do have a bit of PC guides on the site! Just check to top bar and pick a budget. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Thanks again,


  • Kyle

    I am not a super gamer, but I do play a little bit. Personally, I sway towards PC for a couple of reasons.

    1 – You can get just about any game through Steam these days, and they are usually a better deal.

    2 – When the new console comes out, you are obsolete. At least with a PC I don’t have to go get the newest console to play the newest games.

    Just my humble opinion.

    • Anthony

      Hello Kyle,

      You are right on both accounts. Those are great points and part of why I love the PC so much. I like its versatility and upgradeability. Not to mention the ability to game on some really awesome settings. I appreciate the comment thanks!


  • Alec

    The one thing keeping consoles ahead is their ease of use and price. Sure, you could build a gaming PC that crushes a console in terms of graphics power, but this takes learning how to build the PC.

    I think it comes down to the user’s preference. Ease of use for lessar graphics vs. a slight learning curve for max graphics.

    Arguing over which one is better is like arguing over what color is the best. It’ll literally just be opinions clashing with not much reasoning.

    • You are right consoles ease of use is a major reason they are popular. And it does take some learning to build a gaming PC. Check out this Link. Haha you are right there isn’t going to be a clear over all winner across the board but it sure is fun talking about it and getting peoples opinions.

      Take care bud,


  • Tar

    Howdy Anthony. I didn’t know it’s a head to head battle between PC and console. Not until you posted this matter.

    I like to think in depth as to why games are developed with such a certain, distinct exclusive. Could this be a factor to promote consoles such as Xbox for instance?

    Finally, PCMasterRace. It’s a term I’m unfamiliar of.

    Though I’ve been to Reddit for other matters, I never came across such bunch but interesting opinion and argument.

    • What’s going on?

      It doesn’t have to be between the two at the end of the day. It just comes down to whatever your preferences are. I own both a console and PC but tend to play the PC a lot more. The reason for exclusives is certainly to help promote a certain platform. Xbox for instance can secure a certain title and then by doing so gain the following for that game. There are a lot of good and bad subs on Reddit but if you are into PC gaming or thinking of getting into it I really recommend checking it out. Also see this link for a good starter build.

      Take care,

  • inzhirov

    Hello just wanted to say great article really like what you have there.I personally prefer pc games also because everything is right there but also play gaming console to.Gaming console great to play with friends when they come over or online but you can do same on pc. thanks again for this informative article.

    • Anthony

      Hey thanks!

      I agree I have a PS4 so it’s not like i’m hating on consoles or anything. It is just my personal preference to spend time on the computer. I used to spend days upon days playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops on the PS4 but I have always been more into PC gaming. It’s all good as long as we are having fun.


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