Level Up

Hello Everyone,

I have created this website, Level Up Your Gear, as a place to outlet my passion for computer gear. Technology is always progressing and it is a great time to be alive right now. I am very excited to present content about topics am absolutely in love with.

My main focus will be articles and reviews on PC peripherals including but not limited to keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets, monitors ect. From time to time I will add in some hardware, software, electronics and video game content as well. The sky is the limit!

We all love new gear don’t we…is it time for you to upgrade yours? If so or even if you are just into some of the stuff I write about I hope we can connect. If you need help or have a question feel free to drop me a comment anytime and I will do my best to respond as fast as humanly possible.

Life is short so lets have a blast with what we do! Take it easy my friends.