Logitech G900 Review

Logitech G900 Review, Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse


It’s important in any situation to have a great mouse at your disposal. Because of this we are going to be doing a Logitech G900 Review, the Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse.

Other reviews we have done in the past for Logitech mice were the G300S and the Proteous Core G502 so be sure to check those out as well. Now on to the main article without further ado!Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse Review

As the world of both gaming and computer technology continues to move at a strikingly fast pace,
accessories are required to move at an equal pace, if they want to stand a chance of selling well. Accessories such as mice for gaming and professional use have evolved much since their origin.

If you grew up with a computer lab in your elementary school, you’ll surely remember the classic
trackball mice, with rolling balls in the bottom of them. These required pads to operate efficiently. Optical mice, the type of mouse that’s typically used today, were a luxury. Now however they dominate the market. The sensor isn’t the only thing that’s improved with mouse technology.

A great mouse will be designed in an ergonomic manner, for optimal comfort. It’ll have the latest and greatest in sensor technology. It will possess buttons on the sides and front of the mouse that can make your gaming experience easier and smoother. It’ll be constructed out of a material that’s durable and sweat-resistant. One mouse in particular, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse, is a well-made gaming mouse that’s built to be used for tactical and lethal purposes. Let’s take a look at why exactly this mouse is so great.


Model: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse, Ambidextrous Mouse

Price: Check link for current price.

Best place to buy: Amazon.com


If you paid attention to the text above, it’s easy to spot how much of a difference a great gaming mouse can really make, when it comes to playing games to the best of their playability. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse will surely reflect the greatness of some the recent innovations in mouse technology.

A great gaming mouse can alleviate stiffness and pain in both your wrists and hands, provide instant tactical convenience for handy controls, and give your hand Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse Reviewthe control it needs to help you succeed in your gaming session. In addition to providing versatile control and comfort, many gaming and non-gaming mouses on the market today provide wireless capabilities. This cuts down on wire clutter and gives you the option to do more with less space. You’ll have to buy batteries, however, which can be wasteful in the long run. When it comes to this gaming mouse you will have the option to do either.

This isn’t the only way that this mouse can operate with dual functionality. It’s also both a left and right-handed mouse! Ambidextrous in fact. Regardless of who uses it it’ll be able to comfortably fit them! This feature is quite rare, even when it comes to other high-end gaming mouses. So far, we know this mouse has to be versatile and well made, to live up to the hype of its description. Now, let’s take a detailed look into what really makes this mouse so great! We won’t overlook anything; even the not-so-great features of the Logitech G900 will be discussed. Time for the review!


Switch It Up! – Logitech G900 Review


When we’re talking about the greatness of its features, attention must immediately be drawn to one of the most prominent features of the Logitech G900 – You can use it with your left and right hand! This might seem simple, but it’s rare to see a mouse designed in such a way. If your computer is used by multiple individuals in your home that have different hand orientations this mouse could also be a good option! It’s convenience at its finest.

Speaking of convenience this Logitech mouse conveniently is wired and wireless. You’ll find that you’re able to connect it to a sensor that attaches into a USB drive or you can simply attach a wire from the mouse to the USB drive. Regardless of what you choose to do, it’ll ultimately come down to your preferences or individual desk space. If you’re interested in cutting out clutter, however, the wireless feature is for you. Batteries run out, however, but the Logitech G900 is completely rechargeable! Not only will you get 30 hours of battery juice from it, but you’ll be able to recharge it in no time! It’s a hard-core gamer’s dream!Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse Review

One side note is that on top of these very cool features you also gain the ability to delve into the world of RGB lighting with this mouse. Talk about switching things up when you feel like it. You are able to switch between whatever color suits your fancy at the time. I like it!


High Tech Optical Sensor – Logitech G900 Review


We’ve covered its amazing versatility now let’s talk about its sensor. Its tracking sensor is one of the latest of its grade and is prominently ahead of conventional mouse tracking technology. You’ll be assured smooth and painless operation from the sensor whether your Logitech mouse is on a rough table or a smooth tracking mat. It’s used by accredited gaming professionals, who don’t shy away from touting this Logitech mouse as one of the best in its domain!Gaming Mouse Review

In addition to lightning fast tracking, the click sensitivity is out of this world! Forget lagging games that detract from your individual performance and stats. You’ll always be on top of your game with a DPI setting adjustable up to a whopping 12,000 DPI! And while faster might not always be better it is nice to have the option that is for sure. The clicking and tracking will always have you up to speed. The G900 might just seem like it couldn’t possibly have any other amazing features. This is far from true; an expansive and varying set of backlight options adds to the delectable features that comprise this state-of-the-art gaming mouse. Whether you’re playing in the dark or whether you’re a fan of illuminated gaming gear, the Logitech G900 will perform well and look good while doing it! If that was a lot to handle, it’s okay.


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Take a second and breathe. 🙂 Now that you’ve stepped back, let’s review everything that was mentioned! This gaming mouse is versatile, sleek, and top notch when it comes to its sensory and clicking abilities. This Logitech Gaming mouse certainly isn’t flawless. And while nearly perfect we should remember still that every rose has its thorn. Now to be fair lets take a quick look at a few things to note about Logitech Chaos Spectrum Mouse.


It’s Pricey, To Say the Least – Logitech G900 Review


The Logitech G900 is a great mouse with a lot of great features. You will get a lot of out of it. On the flip side you won’t get anything out of it if you can’t afford it. It’s a pricey mouse to say the least. Let’s face it though the price you’re paying will be solely for quality and performance. That’s a fact.

Apart from the price there is an other issue we have seen reports of, albeit rarely. This issue is clicker sticking. Clicker sticking occurs when the clicking function jams, causing the cursor to malfunction or behave abnormally. There have been only a few reports of this occurring with the Logitech G900. With good care, gentle use, and maintenance, however, clicker sticking usually won’t be an issue.

The final set of issues that needs to be noted is regarding the hand position along the top of the mouse. For many users that have smaller hands, the wheel pad can strain your finger. It’s positioned at a point that’s slightly awkward, making it hard to reach if your fingers are petite. If you have smaller hands, you’ve been warned! The last thing to note is that the plastic paneling on the side of the mouse feels a little cheap. It also doesn’t feel as flush with the rest of the mouse’s body. So, all in all, you might be bothered by these flaws if you’re tight on money, your hands are smaller than normal, or if you’re picky about the material that you feel on the side of the mouse. With all of this taken into consideration, however, the Logitech G900 is generally a great mouse. Although the price is high, it’s worth the money.


Logitech G900 Review


The Grand Finale – Logitech G900 Review


I’d like to take a moment and applaud you, the reader for checking out our Logitech G900 Review today. The mouse has many features such as RGB lighting, a DPI setting adjustable up to 12,000, left or right hand use and even the transformer feature of switching between wired and wireless.

Even though it does possess a few flaws, every rose has its thorns, as we stated earlier. To be completely honest, the number of flaws doesn’t particularly come close to a number of positive features that are present in this great gaming mouse.

Let’s have one last review of everything that this gaming mouse has to offer so you can decide whether or not you should buy this bad boy! First and foremost, we can’t mention it enough; left and right handed usage truly sets it above its competitors. This type of versatility is simply unmatched. On the subject of versatility, the Logitech G900 can operate with or without wires. With wires, it can clutter a desk but operate infinitely. Without wires, it’ll take away from clutter but operate on a 30-hour lifespan. It’s completely rechargeable, however, so don’t worry about it dying! With everything taken into account, this Logitech mouse is a great mouse to have at your disposal. Forget about outdated and aging mice that simply can’t play your game the way you’d like to have it played. This gaming mouse will ensure hours of high-performance gameplay with tactical comfort, lightning fast response time, and high-tech tracking sensor capabilities. You’ll outlast all of your competition with the incredible Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse!


Bottom Line: If this mouse aint too rich for your blood then by all means treat your self to the Logitech G900



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