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If you are searching for a midrange computer speaker / subwoofer set then it is time to check out my Logitech Z523 Review. It isn’t often that I do an article about PC speakers because I typically game with a headset. To this point I have taken a look at an inexpensive PC speaker set in the Creative A250 and a bit more pricey version referring to the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500. Now I felt it was time for a midrange speaker review. Read the article in its entirety to find out whether or not this will be a good fit for you.


Product: Logitech Speaker System Z523 with Subwoofer

Price: $79.99

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Personal Ranking: 89/100


Logitech Z523 Review



  • 40 watts (RMS)
  • Frequency response:  35 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Satellites:
    • 2 x 9.5 watts (RMS) (into 4 ohms, @1kHz, @10% THD)
    • Integrated volume & bass control
  • Subwoofer:
    • 21 watts (RMS) (into 6 ohms, @100Hz, @10% THD)
  • Connections:
    • Inputs:  Stereo RCA, 3.5 mm primary input, 3.5 mm auxiliary input
    • Outputs:  3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Drivers:
    • Satellites:  2-inch dome drivers
    • Subwoofer:  5.25-inch down-firing subwoofer with 5.5-inch pressure driver
  • Speaker dimensions (H x W x D):
    • Satellites:  11.6 inches x 3.4 inches x 5.2 inches (19.5 cm x 8.6 cm x 13.3 cm)
    • Subwoofer:  10 inches x 9 inches x 9.5 inches (25.6 cm x 23. cm x 24 cm)


Video Review

Logitech Z523 Speaker Design


The Logitech Z523 is a 2.1 stereo PC speaker set. It includes 2 satellites speakers and one subwoofer. First off lets start with the 2 satellites.

The satellite speakers come equipped with 2 inch drivers on the front as well as power, volume and bass control strait from the satellite itself. The coolest thing about these babies is that each satellite has speakers on the back as well. I can’t stress how awesome this is as it creates a rich full flavored 360 degree sound. Not having to worry about speaker directional positioning is a great addition.

Not lets get on to the downward firing sub woofer. If you are a war gamer and like to hear the boom of bombs being dropped or hip hop enthusiast this is where you come in. Well… that is somewhat of a stereotype but you get what I mean.

Logitech Z523 Review

While the sub woofer does give you the power to Marty McFly and blow your ears out the nice part is the easy bass control that resides on the right satellite speaker. Choose to hear a lot of it or completely turn it down. The power is in your hands.

While I put these speakers at an 89/100 the good ole boys over at Engadget only rank them at a 75/100.


See how many Amazon Stars the Logitech Z523 recieved!


Speakers vs Headsets


I have used the Logitech Z523’s before and if you are not using them in too large of a space they are WAY more then enough speaker. You will be able to lay down some powerful tunes or crank it up on your favorite games with the best of them. This is not always optimal however.

The problem is that a lot of us gamers tend to be night owls. Now unless you live alone, in a house, out in the country it won’t be best advised to have your sound cranked up to 11. Like I said this is especially true at night time.

If you don’t want to create a disturbance in the force I would suggest going with something like the Astro A40 or A50’s. To save a little money on a less expensive headset you could go with Sentey’s Gaming Headset which is a pretty good set for less then $40.

Another place where headsets are preferred is when playing competitive first person shooters. You will be looking for a leg up in anyway possible and being able to concentrate and hear everything going on around you clearly is needed.

At the end of the day the best option is to go ahead and have both. Sometimes it is nice to turn up the volume on your speakers, chill out to some tunes, watch a movie or even get some comfortable gaming in.


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Final Verdict


I used to own the Logitech Z523 personally and can recommend them highly in this review. They will give you a decent full bodied sound and are surprisingly powerful when need be. Remember while these aren’t feeding off the bottom of the ocean they are also not the whale either. So we can’t compare them to the sound systems in the upper $200+ price range. Which is obvious. If you are looking for an awesome midrange 2.1 speaker set with subwoofer then these will suit you just fine.X Logitech Z523 Review

What did you think of this speaker set? Are you looking to pickup some new PC gear here soon? I’d love to share in your experience so keep me posted. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one anytime at the bottom of this page. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated
as well.

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  • arcadiaecho

    Thank you for this. Awesome to land the site and see everything together. Have a digital studio in Paris…it is important to know of these in one go. Gonna launch a video game soon. So do you build PC yourself, Anthony? Sounds like you have the expertise. Level up your gear. Like the name too.

    • Anthony

      Yes I build my own PC’s as a hobby. It is a blast. I am glad you enjoy the site. Let me know what video game you are launching and when. I’d be interested to know what you’re up to. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Benjamin

    That’s a great price for that speaker system. I’ve been looking to replace mine as it’s 13 years old. Sad, right? Well it’s worked well and the quality is still pretty incredible. I’m just looking to simplify and minimize the space it takes up.

    Is this your number one recommendation for speakers under $100?

    CEO & Project Manager
    Nickel SEO

    • Anthony

      Hello Benjamin,

      This is a great system for under $100 I would certainly recommend them especially if you are in need of a compact speaker setup. The Z523 are worth the money for the upgrade.

      Appreciate the comment,


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