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Alright I am stoked to be checking out a cheap wireless gaming mouse finally in my Redragon m650 Review. Normally I recommend wired gear for everything PC gaming related but this is just because I am a hippy dippy.

The thing is wireless can be just as good as wired these days if you give it a chance. But should you? Let us take a look at the reasons why you would want a wireless gaming mouse and if there are any issues that would steer you away.


Product: Redragon M650 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Mouse

Price: $9.99

Best Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 77/100


Redragon m650 Video Review


Redragon m650 Button Setup


Much like its wired cousin the m601 this mouse has a 6-button layout. This consists of left and right, scroll, two side buttons and the top DPI button. For non MMO gaming (you may want even more buttons for mmo gaming) and general use this layout is my favorite.

If you use it for browsing the internet I especially like side buttons for the “back” and “forward” functions in a web browser.


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Redragon m650 Review

USB Adapter


Now days you can get USB wireless mice like the m650 but there are also Bluetooth versions as well. To get a Bluetooth mouse you will be looking at a little bit more money.

While I assume you will be mainly using your mouse for PC gaming and not in conjunction with other devices then I’d say USB is perfectly adequate and you shouldn’t feel the need for anything else.


Is 2000 DPI enough?


This is a question I can give you advice on but ultimately comes down to feel and personal preference. If you are unfamiliar with DPI it basically refers to cursor speed to simplify things.

Honestly on 1080p you should run at max and be just fine. I would recommend a higher DPI mouse if you are playing competitive first person shooters.


Wired vs. Wireless


With a wired mouse, such as the Redragon m601, you get unarguable consistency and reliability. There is no lag, no batteries to die on you… it is classic.

Wireless 2.4GHz offers convenience, portability, and NO ugly/messy cord.

Now days you don’t have to worry as much about a wireless mouse causing cursor lag. I have used one quite a bit and haven’t noticed it at all.

The other thing you may worry about is being in the middle of a game and your batteries dying. While that is a possibility, from my experience batteries last a pretty long time in a mouse like this.

It is really up to your preference of reliability vs convenience and style…


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Final Verdict


I am going to shoot ya strait here… this ain’t no high performance mouse. It will do what you want it to do and would be perfect for less competitive gaming such as Albion Online, Star Wars Battlefront or even Dota 2.

The price is super affordable so you can’t complain there.

Another cool function of a wireless mouse would be using it with a home theater PC so you can access the machine from sitting on your couch.

In short, barring a competitive FPS gamer, I think this mouse would suit your fancy.

Thank you so much for checking out this Redragon m650 Review!


So you gotta tell me what you thought about the Redragon m650? I’d love to share in your experience so let me know! If you haven’t before I recommend you look into building a gaming PC for yourself as well because it’s an awesome hobby! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one anytime at the bottom of this page. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,


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  • Nick

    Wow, I really like the look of this mouse! Red and Black together is a favorite look of course.

    It looks like it’s got a good amount of buttons – enough for any game (except for a MMO perhaps) and yet not too many so that you could still use it when you are online doing other things besides gaming.

    It’s a lot cheaper than I would expect too. Usually when I think of gaming mice, I think of around $80.

    If you have to pick one feature that you liked the most about it, what would you say it is?

  • Angleblade

    Hi I really enjoyed you video review of the wireless mouse. I have been looking for a new one and wanted a budget option. I can tell you have put some effort into this review of the red dragon m650 so I will get one of these and see for myself

    • Anthony

      Hello Simon!

      You can’t really go wrong with the redragon m650 for the price. Sure it’s not top of the line but it is a great budget option for sure. Thank you for taking the time to drop me a comment here it is much appreciated!

      Take care,


  • Derek Marshall

    An interesting product and a very well written and present review but I am afraid i could not find what the advantages, the pros or the disadvantages of owning that particular gaming mouse over say another similar one.

    With a review score of only 77/100 there are obviously some drawbacks to the device, what are they?

    • Anthony

      Hello Derek,

      Basically the reason I scored it lower is because it just cant match the performance of say a Logitech g700s for instance. Is this ok? Yes, because we aren’t spending over $100 on the Redragon m650. Your basically getting a cheap entry level wireless gaming mouse which is all most people want / need. At the end of the day this is what it all comes down to. The main advantage over similar mice in the same price range is the extra buttons and option to adjust DPI.

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Carol

    Hi Anthony. I certainly agree with you that wireless is pretty much good enough for most things these days. And having used a wireless mouse, I would hate to go back to the wired version. Until you actually get rid of that cable you don’t realise just how annoying it is! I haven’t used this version of wireless mouse but it seems to have pretty good functionality with the 6 button layout, and I’d think it would be up to most tasks. And the price is brilliant 🙂 Definitely something to bear in mind. Thanks for posting!


    • Anthony

      Hello Carol,

      Thanks for reading my article! Your right this cheap wireless mouse is a pretty decent pickup for someone in the market. I typically use one for traveling.



  • Zhanna

    Dear Anthony!
    First I would like to mention that I like very much heading part of your website. It seems cool and attractive.
    I don’t use to play games and never use mouse, so it is difficult to evaluate al the pros and cons of Redragon Mouse, sorry) But I can evaluate the way you described it and reviewed.
    I like that:
    you have used not only images but also video review,
    you added link to this product reviews,
    everything seems clear and easy.
    Good job!
    My Best,

    • Anthony

      Hello Zhanna!

      I appreciate the kind feedback here. The Redragon m650 would work as a nice option whether you play games or not. It’s an inexpensive wireless mouse so if you need one it would make sense. Thank you for commenting.


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