SAMSUNG S24D300H Review, My New 24 Inch Computer Monitor

For years now I have been using the Acer G206HL Bbd 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. It was great for me and you can check out my review of it in the link above. Lately I have decided that I wanted an upgrade and was looking for a 24 inch gaming monitor. Originally I was going to go even bigger then 24 inch but I follow some of the MLG tournaments and this is the size they use. So I figured heck why not!

Lets delve into my Samsung S24D300H Review


Product: Samsung Simple LED 24″ Monitor S24D300H with High Glossy Finish

Price: $158.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 95/100

SAMSUNG S24D300H Review

My brand new shiny monitor arrived a couple weeks ago and I have been absolutely loving it so far. Man I had no idea how much of a difference going from 20 inch to 24 inch would be but it is really nice. Even for browsing the internet it is better. The monitor is fast, crisp and I have no complaints at all so far.



Like I’ve said before this monitor is a 24 inch with the capability for up to 1920×1080 resolution. It boasts a 2ms response time which is idea for gaming as well as awesome video playback of 1080p with HDMI.

As far as the design goes the frame itself is very slim, sleek and light weight but still has a feel of good quality to it. As with most SAMSUNG’s you will see the glossy black look which I personally prefer myself. Overall a nice design in my opinion. If you would like to compare to another 24″ monitor in the price range check out my review on the ASUS VS248H P.


Gaming Experience


SAMSUNG S24D300H Review

With the SAMSUNG S24D300H comes a nice feature in the form of Game Mode. At the push of a button you can set the monitor to Game Mode and it will automatically optimize according to what you are playing. Colors and contrast will be adjusted according to scenery for a better overall game experience. This setting along with the fast response speeds means you will have better vision and less lag and we all know lag can be the bane of any gamer. 

I haven’t had the time yet to test this monitor with any of the real graphic intensive games out there yet but I am looking forward to that. I have played a few games of League of Legends on it and it looks absolutely superb. Another thing to note is that my wife uses our computer for photo editing/graphic design and has told me that she likes our new monitor much better for that as well.


Click Here for more customer reviews and information!


What is Magic Upscale?SAMSUNG S24D300H Review


This is a really sweet feature that fixes a problem most people aren’t even aware of. So what happens is when you typically connect a smaller device to a monitor, i.e. smartphone, tablet or laptop, is that the image quality degrades in the translation. Magic Upscale stops this from happening and can even provide a better quality then what you were originally viewing on the mobile device.


Lower Power Consumption


The next addition to this package is the Eco Saving Modes. It does exactly what it sounds like and cuts power usage to be environment friendly and help lower your power bill. The modes are 25%, 50% and power saving off. Of course like with most monitors there is an automatic off timer that helps out as well. This monitor has received an Energy Star 6.0 Rating.

SAMSUNG S24D300H Review

VGA and HDMI connections


I would recommend this product to someone who has a PC equipped with HDMI ports already. There are no DVI options here but if it comes down to it you can get a conversion cord very expensively that should solve your problems. This is the only potential downside to this monitor as it is a little less older machine friendly but like I said the problem is easy to solve.


SAMSUNG S24D300H Review

Concluding thoughts:


Thank you for reading my SAMSUNG S24D300H Review thus far. From personal experience I would say if you are in need of a new monitor then this one is a pretty sweet option all around and would pair amazingly with any PC. Compared to the other monitors in its class it holds up very nicely and is priced reasonably. After all that is why I bought it :).


What did you think of this monitor? Have you owned a Samsung monitor previously? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one below anytime. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,


Founder of Level Up Your Gear




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  • Patrick

    Great thought out information here. I had been looking at some BenQ monitors for quite some time to augment my gaming hardware as well as for streaming. It looks like we may have another contender, I was looking at 24-inch monitors in specific, so this one fits the bill. In addition, I am pleased to see a Samsung product rated so highly. My only qualm would be the lack fo DVI support, While I do own the conversion cable however, this should make this problem mute. Thanks for this!

  • Arthur

    Thank you so much for the info! Most of the time, bigger seems to be better, especially when it comes down to monitors, whether it’s a tv monitor or a computer monitor. I have friends that are extreme gamers and the auto colors and contrast adjustments would be a feature that I know they would appreciate. You also introduced me to the Magic Upscale feature that I had no previous knowledge about; it seems to be very cool!

    • Anthony

      Hi Arthur,

      I appreciate you taking the time to check out this monitor review. The S24D300H is one of the monitors I currently use in my lineup. Let me know if I can help you at all going forward.

      Thanks again,


  • bioelectrobot

    A few extra inches really does make quite the difference. I had the reverse experience recently when going from a larger to a smaller monitor. Wow, it really took some getting used to. I’ll be delighted once I get back to a larger monitor. Perhaps, I’ll get this one that you are reviewing. It is within my price range. I better keep reading.
    This is the first time I have heard of a monitor with a “game” mode. Interesting. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise with the computer video game market being so huge. This is also my first time reading about magic upscale. This is a cool feature! I wasn’t aware that this was even possible. I’ll have to read some more about magic upscale. Thanks for the education.
    This is really a nice review. Great job and keep them coming.

    • Anthony

      Hey there Bio!

      Haha yea I hear ya sometimes larger is better. For me it stops at a certain point though. For instance my buddy uses a 32″ TV for his computer and that thing just feels too large for sitting at a computer desk in am apartment. He also has a 27″ that’s pretty good but for me 24″ monitor seems to be where it’s at. This samsung does have some really awesome features too. Thanks for the comment.


  • Tyler Redlev

    Great monitor for such a cheap price. Very appealing to the eye and has great features. Also the eco friendloy optionbs is sounds great. My faourite monitor is from Dell, which are used in 3d modeling and creative industries. But they are quiet pricey. This Samsung seems like a good alternative for casual users and casual gamers.

    • Anthony

      Hey Tyler,

      Yea that is why I bought this monitor because of the great bang for buck. I only wish the refresh rate was a bit faster for FPS. I will be upgrading down the road most likely! An upgrade never hurt anybody right? Haha

      Thanks again,


  • Nicki

    I had no idea you could get a monitor that fixes the poor quality you get from your smaller devices! I am looking for a monitor and some other peripherals for my sons set-up right now. Gaming is a family tradition in this house, so Christmas includes a healthy dose of equipment, games and systems as gifts. Thanks for the timely review:)

    • Anthony

      Hello Nicki,

      That is great to hear that you will be having a very merry techy Christmas! If you are looking for a 24″ monitor I do highly recommend this Samsung. It has been very very good to me. If you need any advice or have any other questions just let me know.

      Thanks again,


  • TheDopestMatrix

    Dang that is one cool moniter! Honestly I don’t know anyone that has one like that but I’m sure one day everyone will have sweet monitors! The price ain’t that bad either, I bet video games are freakishly awesome to play on it too!

    Thanks for the review
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Anthony

      Heya Matt!

      It is a really nice monitor I agree. I have loved it ever since I bought it. It’s not the very best possible but is pretty great for gaming. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it!


  • Tamara

    I have enjoyed reading your post. I also need a new monitor and after reading your very informative and helpful post I am thinking to buy Samsung s24d300h model. I would like to mount it on the wall, so please tell me is this possible with this monitor and what is the best way to do this.

    • Anthony

      Hello Tamara,

      Unfortunately you can not mount this monitor to the wall but I would recommend this one instead if you need that function. Acer G246HL 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor. The specs are comparable although you are giving up some response time (not preferable but OK still). Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if you need anymore help just let me know.

      Thanks again,


  • Stephanie

    Hi Anthony:

    Great review of the Samsung S24D300H. You emphasize the fact that it is a gaming monitor, but if you are not a gamer, is it still a good monitor for the price?

    You mention the price being $149.00. That is with Amazon right? Do you know that E-Bay is offering the same monitor for $135?

    Is the stand a vertical tilt? Some reviews on this say that the hinge on the stand was a bit stiff making it difficult to maneuver. What are your thoughts? I also hear that the power unit is also separate from the screen, so you’ll have to find a bit of extra space for that rectangular block. Is that true?

    Thank you for an informative review. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Anthony

      Hello Stephanie!

      I appreciate you checking out my review today. I would say this monitor is great if you are not a gamer as well. The price is about $149 through amazon with free shipping and I did see the one through ebay but it comes with a hefty shipping price of over $50… unfortunately this is how they get ya on ebay sometimes. It does have the tilt and it is fairly stiff but when I went to adjust it I liked how solid it felt. As far the power cord goes the slim style monitors can not fit the power source inside anymore and have what you are referring to. So you trade one for the other. For me its not a problem because its down near my surge protector that takes up some space itself. If you have anymore questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask!

      Thanks again,


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