Sentey Gaming Headset Review


We are going to be checking out the Gs-4730 / Gs-4731 today in this Sentey Arches gaming headset review. Those two models are exactly the same with the only difference being that one is black and the other is white. Out of all the headphones Sentey makes this is one of the most popular. Is this headset worth buying? It is very possible that it could be one of the best headsets under $50 but lets take a closer look before we make that assumption.

Sentey Gaming Headset Review


Product: Sentey Arches Gaming Headset Virtual 7.1 Surround

Price: $39.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Personal Ranking: 87/100


Sentey The Company


You may not have heard of Sentey before so exactly who are they? They are a company who started in 2001 in the tech world. They specialize in the design and production of computer cases, power supplys, computer peripherals and many other PC related gear. You will typically find their products competing in the budget arena. Although many of their products are inexpensive you will see they are usually providing great bang for buck value.


Craftmanship, Sound Quality & Mic Quality


I think the Gs-4730 / Gs-4731 Sentey are one of the best designed in the lower cost headset market. They are crafted with nice quality and sturdy material to insure comfort and durability.

While these won’t be for your typical audiophile and cant expect to see the very best sound quality available on the market today. I do think you will be very happy with it especially for the price.

The mic is highly adjustable and also sounds great as demonstrated in this video below. Good news if you game with your buddies online so they can here you clearly! Last thing you want is a muddy microphone where no one understands what the heck your saying.

Take a look at this unboxing and overview video of the Sentey Gs-4731 below:


7.1 Digital Surround Sound


For gaming surround sound in your headset is pivotal. If you can hear what is going on around you better in game then you will have an advantage. Digital surround is just a synthesized version of surround but it works pretty good. You will be able to hear your what direction projectiles and enemies are actually coming from. This all just adds to more enjoyment and performance overall while dominating the pixel battlegrounds.


Click for more reviews and information on the Sentey Gaming Headset!


Additional Recommended Gaming Gear


Here I would like to point out a couple of extra items that would go great with the Sentey Headset. If you are on a budget these options would work great for you. Maybe you want to look around for more products in different budget ranges. Take a look at the menu bar at the top of the website and you will be able to navigate to whatever your heart desires.

inexpensive computer keyboard



CM Storm Keyboard / Mouse Combo $29.99






It is very hard to find a better package deal then this one. For less then $30 you are getting a nice gaming keyboard and mouse that should work just great for you. If you have a standard setup or your current gear is worn out I’d recommend taking a look at the CM Storm.


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Acer is right up there with the best of them for best selling computer monitors. This one has great value and is really inexpensive at the cost of under $100. You will be able to game in HD 1080p all day long. Check out my review through the link above.


Back to the Sentey Arches Gaming Headset Review for my Final Thoughts


I hope you enjoyed my review! If you are looking for an awesome yet cheap headset the Sentey Gs-4730 / Gs-4731 Gaming Headset should suit you 100%. To give you my opinion I would say that personally I love the way this headset looks, especially the black version and they are one of the best for under $50. They have a more rough and industrial look and while you can find cheaper gaming headsets out there I think that these ones are great and will get you a little more performance and life out of them.inexpensive gaming headset

I have to know what you think about this gaming headset? Would it work for you? If you already have a headset what kind do you currently use? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me one anytime at the bottom of this page. Likes, shares, tweets and +1’s are greatly appreciated
as well.

Thank you,


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  • Kevin

    Great review! I have never heard of Sentey before but they seem like a trustworthy brand. The price isn’t too bad either.

    The review itself was great, it was short and informative with none of the paragraphs being too long. The added video was nice as well for a better look at the headset.

    • Anthony

      Really appreciate the comment Kevin. Sentey isn’t one of those Nike type brands but all the good reviews on Amazon really help gain confidence in the headset. I think for the money it is a great buy. Glad I was able to help you in some capacity.

      Take care,


  • JeffWA

    Hey Anthony,
    A great article as you reviewed what essentially are two relatively inexpensive headphones geared specifically for video game playing.

    I noticed that you stated that the headphones were capable of surround sound quality for the person wearing them while playing a video game. I know that, while used for something different a few years ago I put out some serious money for a pair of Beats headphones designed for listening to music, on sale with it being Black Friday, but valued at around $200.

    Is there a lot of distortion present with the mic feature on both of the Sentey headphone models that you reviewed were a person communicating with someone else as together they were engaged in playing a video game?

    How does these brand headphones compare to other products put out by competing companies in that same $40 price range?

    Still with the review that you did with this product I am sure that visitors reading the article who could not afford to shell out a lot of money for really expensive high-end cost gaming headphones might be attracted simply by how well you articulated the value of the Sentey headphones could offer to the consumer.

    A great article, Anthony!

    • Anthony

      Hello Jeff,

      You are right you can spend a lot more on a headset and possibly get better sound out of them but it can cost a lotta doe. The mic doesn’t have distortion when using voice chat, sound quality will be pretty good. I’d say these are probably one of the best headsets for under $40 actually. I appreciate the comment thank you!


  • Hannah

    These gaming headsets look awesome! I can see that they are very comfortable to wear. I find some headsets can make my ears sore when I wear them for too long, but I don’t imagine this would be a problem with these as the video shows how soft the passing is.

    The price is very impressive for such a high quality piece of equipment.

    Well done on this review. You’ve done a great job here!

    • Anthony


      Kind of you to take the time to comment on my article. These are a great bang for buck headset for sure.

      Thanks again,


  • jCamden

    These look like great options! When I first opened your page I was sure the headphones would be in between $100-$500 (something not many people can afford) but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re not even half the lower end I was expecting. This truly is a budget friendly headset and to top it off the monitor is pretty great too! I’ve looked through a couple of your pages and the common theme I’ve seen throughout all of them is that your items are very budget friendly. It’s great seeing so many things that are actually attainable with a lower budget with such great content! Thank you for your wonderful posts!

    • Anthony


      Sentey actually makes a lot of good stuff at lower price ranges. You are right I have been show casing a lot of lower cost items and PC builds lately because I want people new to the scene to see how attainable everything is without having to dig deep into your pockets. In the near future I will be stepping it up to mid, high and ultra high just to mix it up and have fun. There’s a lot of cool tech out there. Glad you liked my headset review and I hope it helped it some way.


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